NHN Opposes SB 25. By Tuesday morning, 2/10/15 please do one, two or all three things to block government “education” programs for children, birth to preschool… this a parental right and responsibility!

1. Leave your opinion on the Legislature Opinion Page by “voting” AGAINST SB 25 at

2. Let members of the Senate Education Committee know what you think,

3. Attend the hearing on SB 25 in Carson City or Las Vegas at 3:30 p.m. Hearing location/agenda:

Here is NHN’s positon statement that is being emailed to the Senate Education Committee for more background information on why we are opposing SB 25:
Link to pdf copy of the letter.

2015 Nevada Legislative Session Open


The first two bills of concern to Nevada parents have reached committee. Please take a moment to review these bills and then “vote” on the bill on the Legislature website, write your State Senator (be sure to tell him/her that you live in the district they represent) and members of the Senate Education to give them your opinion on these bills (links provided below).

SB 25 – has been sent to the Senate Education Committee.
Section 2 of this bill authorizes the Superintendent of Public Instruction to, “Coordinate educational programs for children from birth through prekindergarten.”
This sentence needs to be removed from this bill. PARENTS not the government are responsible for education programs for their children from birth through preschool, this is not the role of the K-12 education system.

SB 117 – is also in Senate Education Committee.
Legislative Counsel’s Digest:
Existing law provides a list of diseases for which a child must obtain an immunization as a condition to enrollment in a school or admittance to a child care facility in this State, unless the child is excused because of religious belief or a medical condition. (NRS 392.435, 394.192, 432A.230) This bill adds human papillomavirus (HPV) and meningococcal disease to that list of diseases.

Please take a moment to leave your opinion on the Legislature Opinion Page by “voting” on these bills at

Write you state Senator and let them know what you think.

Let members of the Senate Education Committee know what you think,

We appreciate your participation in making our government work for us!

NHN Officers

NHN warns of possible government control of homeschooling in Nevada

By way of introduction, Nevada Homeschool Network (NHN) has advocated for Nevada families who have chosen to direct the education of their children since 2002.

Whereas, the mission of NHN is to advocate for the parental right to direct the education of their child, free from governmental oversight; and

Whereas, NHN believes that it is the duty of our government officials to be accountable to tax payers for money spent, and this governmental oversight includes auditing, the purchase of government approved materials, and performance based outcomes that meet state educational standards; and

Whereas, the term “homeschool” is legally defined in Nevada whereby parents take full responsibility for the education of the child, without provision of governmental services or materials; and

Whereas, homeschooling is an alternative to government controlled school choice; and

Whereas, NHN is concerned that alternative education funding programs intending to benefit a student with a government controlled “choice in education” will jeopardize homeschool autonomy from government oversight; now, therefore,

NHN is opposed to adoption of any alternative education program in this state that utilizes tax-payer funding, either directly or indirectly, on behalf of a child who is being homeschooled pursuant to NRS 392.070, including government controlled voucher programs and Education Savings Accounts.

NHN supports Scholarship Organization plans that do not utilize or require governmental funding or control.


Frank Schnorbus, Chairman
Elissa Wahl, Vice-Chair
D. Raymond Poole, Secretary
Barbara Dragon, Treasurer
Kelley Millard Radow, Officer
Aaron Sutherland, Officer

What about homeschools and…

Vouchers? No, government regulations always accompany vouchers.

Education Savings Accounts? May benefit homeschooling but must follow federal law.

Scholarship Organization? There are favorable Scholarship Organization Laws in a few states.

Homeschoolers NOT affected by new driver license law

A concerned parent saw this report on the news, and asked if would affect a homeschooled student’s ability to apply for a driver’s license.

But not to worry, homeschoolers are exempt. See Section 11, Section D(2) of SB 269 from the 2013 Legislative session,…/77th…/Bills/SB/SB269_EN.pdf
The bill is intended to stop students who are enrolled in the public school and have a record of habitual truancy from getting or keeping a driver’s license.

We were aware of the bill last session and were assured that the intent was not to stop homeschooled students from getting their driver’s license. When a homeschooled student applies for a driver’s permit or license they will just need to bring a copy of the “Receipt” from the school district that was sent to you when you submitted your NOI.

If the school district failed to mail a receipt to the parent, the parent should always request one (that is why we recommend parents mail in the NOI certified mail with a return receipt cart, that will also serve as proof that the NOI was filed if the district fails to send a receipt which does tend to happen). If you misplace your receipt you can also call and ask for a copy since the districts are suppose to keep them “on file” for 15 years from the date they were filed.