Clark County Support Groups

There are many different ways to find homeschool support throughout Clark County. Many churches also have groups, either for their members, or as a ministry. Some churches that are known to have groups include: Canyon Ridge (see Eagles), The Crossings, Cornerstone, Central Christian, Lone Mountain Calvary Chapel, Grace Evangelical Free Church. Ask around, you will likely find many more!

Also, be sure to check out RISE Education Resource Center. They hold New Homeschoolers classes, supplemental classes for students during the day, field trips/events, and more!

Southern Nevada Facebook Groups

Support Groups (alphabetical listing):

Catholic Homeschooling of Nevada
A forum for Catholic Homeschoolers in the state of Nevada to share helpful information in our quest to homeschool our children in accordance with the teaching of the Catholic Church. We invite any Catholics in the state that are, or are considering homeschooling to join us.

Calvary Chapel Green Valley; Vine & Branch Ministry
Home School Ministry which exists to follow the representation Jesus Christ gave when He spoke of the VINE (Himself) and the BRANCH (the families) in John 15:5.”
*Applications are available upon request.
Rosie Palmas , Deanna Garcia, and Brenda Arce
(702) 456-2422 CCGVCA office

Charlotte Mason Tea Garden
This is a group striving to find the best ways to use the teaching methods of Charlotte Mason while living life in NV.

Welcome to Cornerstone’s Home Inspirational and Educational Family Schools, better known as CHIEFS. CHIEFS is a Christian homeschooling support group providing and sharing prayer, support, ideas, and encouragement to strengthen our homeschooled families by and through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Mission Statement: We, the homeschool families of CHIEFS, pledge to develop our children with strong Godly character, sound mind and body, so they may share with others the love of God, while learning to serve our Lord and Savior, the Chief Cornerstone.
Chiefs offers many fun-filled activities to enrich our student’s education. Monthly field trips, student speaking days, a reading club, music, physical education, and holiday socials are events geared to enhance knowledge and fellowship for students and homeschool providers. We communicate primarily through emails, general meetings, and occasional phone trees. Parental involvement is strongly recommended and encouraged. We look forward to seeing and hearing from each one of you. Your input is invaluable. Together, we can build strong families for Christ.

City Lights Homeschool Group
The purpose of City Lights, a Christian led group, is to connect home educators in order to encourage discussions and dialogue where members can share resources, learn together and build a sense of community. Membership is open to all those in southern NV currently homeschooling their children.

For more information visit:

Eagles Homeschool Co-op group
Eagles Leader: Krissy Runion,
Eagles is a ministry of Canyon Ridge Christian Church. We serve the Las Vegas Area primarily NW but we have members from all over the valley.
We are a Christian-led homeschool support group, which exists to provide information, educational support, social opportunities, and community to those who are teaching their children at home.

Michelle (702) 336-1774 or Katie (702) 338-6333
We are a close knit active group with mandatory monthly membership. We believe that our kids as well as us will have closer relationships through active membership. We offer many field trips and classes for the children.

Henderson Christian Homeschoolers
We are a group designed to encourage and support the Christian homeschool families of Henderson, Nevada, by providing educational and fellowship opportunities for our children and parents. We offer many fun-filled activities to enrich our students’ education through regular field trips and park days. We look forward to seeing and hearing from each one of you. Together, we can give our children experiences and friendships that will impact their lives forever.

Henderson SHARE
A part of the SHARE homeschool group in Las Vegas. As members of SHARE, we look forward to sharing our homes and resources for the education of our children with other LDS, and like minded, families. This group was created to keep those of us in Henderson up to date on what’s happening on our side of the valley.

Homeschool Connections of Las Vegas
If you live in the Central, West, Northwest, or North part of Las Vegas, and you are looking for a close knit community of Homeschool families to share some fun, gain support, establish great friendships, please look at our homepage. We do require that our families participate at least one to two times per month. We want to know all our families and we want our children to gain those connections that are so important. We are excited to make connections with you and your family.

Joyful Journey Home School Group (JJHS)
Group is exclusively dedicated to families using the My Fathers World Curriculum.
Leader: LisaMarie Valdez
Co-Leader: Heather May
Groups Phone Number: 354-8095

Las Vegas Freethinking Homeschoolers
A Group for Freethinking, Atheist, Humanist, Agnostic, Life Learning, Secular homeschooling and unschooling families. Get togethers for park play days, field trips, learning activities and any other fun events that take place in the Las Vegas area.

Las Vegas Home School Group-LVHSG
HomeSchool Support & PlayGroup. Most of the field trips, activities, and events may be more geared towards the elementary; however, no one will be left out! There is even the option to join and simply interact within the “Yahoo Groups” area of our group, which will serve as our “Central Headquarters”.

Las Vegas Life Learners
Las Vegas Life Learners is a support group for homeschoolers in Las Vegas, Nevada and its surrounding communities who have chosen the unschooling path. We hope to support and inspire each other on our journeys of living and learning. The group is also open to members who are not yet unschooling, but wish to learn more in order to see if life learning is right for their families.

Las Vegas Special Needs Homeschool Activities Group
is a homeschool group open to all families of children with special needs.
The intent of the group is to be a social haven for our children to grow, thrive, make friends, and find a place to belong.
We feel it is important to show respect for all parents and children and to be courteous when responding to each other.
We encourage all parents to share the things your children enjoy and, if you can, schedule those activities, field trips or park days that your children find interesting.

Las Vegas Valley Homeschool Network
The focus of our group is fun, friends, and community service. We aim for our kids to understand the importance of being part of a community and giving back to it to make it stronger. Our group is nondenominational and takes no political positions what so ever.

LDS Pahrump Homeschoolers
Veronica: 775-751-9324,
Jeanette: 775-751-2958,
This group is for those homeschoolers in the Pahrump, Nevada area who have chosen to raise and teach their children in the home. LDS and like-minded families are welcome to share in our passion for teaching our children. This group hosts weekly co-op which can include social activities, idea sharing, classes, field trips, regular Mom Meetings to lend support, brainstorm ideas for future co-ops, make decisions that involve the group etc. We will share local resources with one another as well as be a support to one another in our shared passion for educating our children.

Lone Mountain Homeschool Association, LMHSA
Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain

*Not necessarily all homeschoolers, but homeschool friendly!*
This is a social club for the gifted kids in the Las Vegas area. This group is for the parents, as well as our children. To ask advice go over concerns about the school/curriculum, friends, etc. This should be a room where you can freely discuss your children and the issues you run into. It is also social club for gifted kids in the Las Vegas area. We will be adding game nights, hangout time, field trips and general get togethers.

Mountain’s Edge Homeschoolers
A fun friendly, non judgmental Christian homeschool group for those of us living joyfully in Southwest Las Vegas. All are welcome regardless of location in the valley or religious or non religious beliefs, however our gatherings happen in the Southwest side of town.
Group owner contact: Melissa

Nellis Homeschool Co Op
Nellis Air Force Base

NorthWest Las Vegas Homeschoolers
This is a group for homeschoolers or those interested in it, in the North West part of the Las Vegas Valley. We encourage participation and resource sharing. Of course, everyone should treat each other as they want to be treated. We may vary in religious beliefs, curriculum and educational choices and lifestyles, but we need to all be nice! Hopefully this group will encourage local friendships.

S.H.A.R.E. of Southern Nevada
Email Loop:
Networking LDS and like-minded homeschoolers in Southern Nevada, with area groups in Moapa, Henderson, East Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, West Las Vegas and a Teen group.

Southern Nevada Homeschool Happenings
An interactive list of events and activities open to all homeschoolers and all groups in the Las Vegas Valley and Southern NV area.

Please contact NHN with any changes or additional support groups for this area.