Clark County Support Groups

There are many different ways to find homeschool support throughout Clark County. Many churches also have groups, either for their members, or as a ministry. Some churches that are known to have groups include: Canyon Ridge (see Eagles), The Crossings, Cornerstone (See Chiefs), Central Christian, and Lone Mountain Calvary Chapel. Ask around, you will likely find many more!

Also, be sure to check out RISE Education Resource Center. They hold New Homeschoolers classes, supplemental classes for students during the day, field trips/events, and more!


Support Groups (alphabetical listing):


Calvary Chapel Green Valley; Vine & Branch Ministry
Home School Ministry which exists to follow the representation Jesus Christ gave when He spoke of the VINE (Himself) and the BRANCH (the families) in John 15:5.”
*Applications are available upon request.
Rosie Palmas , Deanna Garcia, and Brenda Arce
(702) 456-2422 CCGVCA office


Contact Michael and Diana Durant
Welcome to CornerStone’s Christian Home, Inspirational, and Educational Family Schools, better known as CHIEFS, the homeschool ministry of CornerStone Christian Fellowship. CHIEFS is a Christian homeschooling support group; providing and sharing prayer, support, ideas, and encouragement. CHIEFS offers many fun-filled activities to enrich our students’ education. Such as field trips, student speaking days, a reading club, physical education, and holiday socials are events geared to enhance knowledge and fellowship for students and homeschool providers. We communicate primarily through emails, general meetings, social media and occasional group texts. Parental involvement is essential towards the success of this group and thus is encouraged and supported. We look forward to seeing and hearing from each one of you. Your support is invaluable. Together, we can build strong families for Christ!


Christian Homeschoolers of Southern Nevada (CHoSN)
We are a group of Christian homeschoolers who live in Southern Nevada. We incorporate the entire family to impact the Vegas Valley for Christ. As a group, we focus on fellowship and the opportunity to serve our community for the glory of God.


City Lights Homeschool Group
The purpose of City Lights, a Christian led group, is to connect home educators in order to encourage discussions and dialogue where members can share resources, learn together and build a sense of community. Membership is open to all those in southern NV currently homeschooling their children.


Eagles Homeschool Co-op 
EAGLES Homeschool Group is a ministry of Canyon Ridge Christian Church and seeks to support families as they school their children at home. We believe that together is better, and we strive to create a community of unity. Whether you are new to homeschooling, a seasoned pro, or just curious what it’s all about, we would love to offer support and join you on this journey. You are not alone! We offer weekly Co-op classes, park days, frequent field trips, holiday parties, service projects, parent meetings & events, and more!

Our summer weekly park days are on Fridays and start at 9:00 am and are open to everyone! We’d love to have you come out and meet us! For locations and more information, visit or email Leia Brown at


Evangelical Christian Homeschoolers
This group is exclusively open to Evangelical Christian (conservative) families only. We meet in Henderson and Las Vegas. We are a homeschool support group with learning opportunities too. You’ll find like minded families that are looking for life long godly friendships for their children and moms too. Our group has children of all ages, from kindergarten to high school. Preschoolers are welcomed but our focus is on school aged children.

If you are new to homeschooling, wonderful veteran homeschoolers are here to encourage and help make this an easy road for you and your children. We will pray with you and for you. Philippians 4:13 (KJV) I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.


Henderson Christian Homeschoolers
We are a group designed to encourage and support the Christian homeschool families of Henderson, Nevada, by providing educational and fellowship opportunities for our children and parents. We offer many fun-filled activities to enrich our students’ education through regular field trips and park days. We look forward to seeing and hearing from each one of you. Together, we can give our children experiences and friendships that will impact their lives forever.


Henderson Homeschool Explorers
We are a group open to all homeschooling families with at least one child 3 years of age or older. Our vision is to have regular park days in Henderson where our kids can get to know some of the same kids each week and where we can receive and offer support as homeschooling parents by fostering friendships at those park days. In addition, we will be setting up activities, some in Henderson and some elsewhere around town. All activities for this group will be posted on, and members will need to RSVP there for all activities. Any member can set up an event for the group on or make suggestions for an event to be scheduled. Consistent with other groups, advertising will not be permitted. We also ask that you have a real profile picture of yourself, children, or family, with out captions on it. You will also need to provide an e-mail address to the group organizer once your membership is confirmed with your group payment.


Joyful Journey Home School Group (JJHS)
Group is exclusively dedicated to families using the My Fathers World Curriculum.
Leader: LisaMarie Valdez
Co-Leader: Heather May
Groups Phone Number: 354-8095


HomeSchool Support & PlayGroup. Most of the field trips, activities, and events may be more geared towards the elementary; however, no one will be left out! There is even the option to join and simply interact within the “Yahoo Groups” area of our group, which will serve as our “Central Headquarters”.


Las Vegas Life Learners
Las Vegas Life Learners is a support group for homeschoolers in Las Vegas, Nevada and its surrounding communities who have chosen the unschooling path. We hope to support and inspire each other on our journeys of living and learning. The group is also open to members who are not yet unschooling, but wish to learn more in order to see if life learning is right for their families.


Lone Mountain Homeschool Association, LMHSA
Calvary Chapel Lone Mountain


Nellis Homeschool Co Op
Nellis Air Force Base


Our Lady of Perpetual Help
The mission of this group is to build friendships amongst other Catholic homeschooling families for the benefit of ourselves and our children. We strive to support each other through prayer; spending time together; and sharing talents, advice, and information. We invite Catholics in Southern Nevada, who are faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church and who are, or are considering, homeschooling to join us.


Social Homeschooling
Facebook Group

SWLV Homeschool Group
SWLV Facebook Group

We are a SECULAR group. Non-religious homeschooling and unschooling families are welcome.

No discrimination or negativity regarding race, sexuality, gender identity, country of origin, disability, or income will be tolerated. We highly value the diversity each member brings to our group.

This is a group for secular homeschooling families in southwest Vegas that want to get together during the week. As such, activities and get togethers should be scheduled in the southwest region primarily. Field trips can be organized and may take place all over the valley.

Virgin Valley Homeschool Group
Contact: Kristy Neufeld
We are an open group to whomever would like to join.

Please contact NHN with any changes or additional support groups for this area.