Dear NV Homeschool Parents

Dear NV Homeschool Parents and friends of homeschooling,

We need your real-life stories! Have you seen a news story, or know someone, who has had their parental rights disregarded in the past ten years? We want their story! The far-reaching effects of government policies, laws and regulations that erode the family under the banner of protecting children permeate our entire society. A story might include an incident where Child Protective services (CPS) was called purely to harass or intimidate a family. Or it could be a court order that presumes parental guilt with no factual basis. Possibly there is an over-zealous judge, or teacher, or nurse involved.

BACKGROUND: Nevada Homeschool Network works to analyze the threats to homeschooling posed by State, Federal and world laws and treaties. The common thread of these threats is the re-ordering of authority such that the child becomes a creature of the State, with every parental decision being subject to review by governmental bureaucrats. While the problem is much larger than any single segment of society, the unique position of homeschoolers allows us to identify the problem and advocate for a solution. To do this we feel that the real-life story is the most effective way of illustrating the problem.

IN NEVADA: We have begun to see more and more “government intrusion” into the lives of Nevada families. Most recently was the story of the parental guardians of a mentally disabled pregnant woman who had to go to court to prevent bureaucrats in Social Services from forcing an abortion. Although the judge has taken abortion off the table he is still “plans to hold additional medical evidentiary hearings in the weeks ahead to determine the safest way to proceed” even though the young woman has legal parental guardians to make decisions for her.

This story and many, many more from across the United States underscore the eroding of parental rights in our country. In the past many have told us their shocking stories about the abuse of their parental rights. If you have such a story we encourage you to put it in writing and send it to us with permission for us to use it as we seek a possible solution. Your story could help hundreds of Nevada families falsely accused of abuse or neglect of their children.

Please send your story to Frank Schnorbus, or Elissa Wahl,

Together we can win the battle!

NHN Officers
Frank Schnorbus
Elissa Wahl
Barbara Dragon
Kelley Radow
Laura Siegel
Ray Poole


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