Position Papers

NHN’s written opinion on various topics.

History of Education/Homeschooling:

The Long Road to Homeschool Freedom; 1947-Present

History of NV homeschool law 1947 to 2017 – Barbara Dragon, 2017

A History of Education for Nevada Homeschools – Past to Present – Frank Schnorbus, 2010

State of Nevada – Proclamation of the Governor – Governor Jim Gibbons, 2009

State of Nevada – Proclamation of the Governor – Governor Jim Gibbons, 2008

Answers to good questions – NHN pamphlet explaining the 2007 Homeschool Freedom Bill (SB 404) updating the 60 year old homeschool law. 2008

Homeschooling; The Original Option – Examines the strength of homeschooling through the years and presents evidence of why Nevada needed a new law. Frank Schnorbus, 2007 

Homeschooling in Nevada: The Budgetary Impact – NHN commissioned this study through NPRI to dispel the notion that local public schools lose money when a child is homeschooled. 2007

Homeschooling and Child Abuse/Education Neglect:

In Defense of the Existing NV Homeschool LawNHN Officers Position Statement on any future proposal to revise the 2007 Homeschool Freedom Law due to overreaction to one case of HORRIFIC child abuse in California.  February, 2018

Co-author of 2007 Homeschool Freedom Law Responds to RGJ opinion piece – NHN Officer Emerita, Barbara Dragon, who along with Frank Schnorbus, co-authored the the Homeschool Freedom Bill, SB 404 in 2007 responds to the call from a formerly (and successfully) homeschool student, a third year Yale Law School (2018) student calling for the parents in Nevada to more regulated after a HORRIFIC case of child abuse in California. January, 2018

Homeschool Memos explaining homeschool statutes:


NHN Homeschool MEMO Explaining the NV Homeschool Laws  – This memo is intended to inform parents, public, and private school administrators of the Nevada laws and regulations applicable to homeschool students. 2019


NHN Homeschool MEMO to Parents, Public-Private School Administrators, State Officials– Updated to reflect new Nevada Revised Statutes numbering effective July 1, 2016. This memo is intended to inform parents, public, and private school administrators of the Nevada laws and regulations applicable to homeschool students.  2018

Answers to good questions – NHN pamphlet explaining the 2007 Homeschool Freedom Bill (SB 404) updating the 60 year old homeschool law. 2008

NHN Homeschool Memo 6-21-07  – NHN memo to parents explaining the homeschool law passed by the NV Legislature. This memo is the same as the the NV-DOE memo that follows. 2007

NV-DoE Homeschool Memo 7-07– Memo from Dr. Keith Rheault, Superintendent of Public Instruction, to local school districts explaining changes to the homeschool law (SB 404) effective July 1, 2007. 2007

Homeschool Memo.NV-DOE 6.16.2006 – Memo from Dr. Keith Rheault to local school districts explaining homeschool laws/regulations in place at the time, including homeschool student participation in public school classes, extra-curricular activities, and sports. 2006


Homeschool Charts explaining “Education Options” in NV:

Nevada Parental Choice Options.2018.Sept – updated chart showing “who’s in charge” of the child’s education dependent on the parent’s choice. 2018

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Education Options in NV NHN – updated “pictograph” showing the differences between “Government Funded School Choice” and “Self Funded Education Options.” 2016

Education Options in Nevada – Pictograph; private funded education vs. government funded education 2014 (before adoption of 2015 NV-ESA Law). 2014

Educational Choice Options-Nevada –  Chart showing “who’s in charge” of child’s education, 2008

Homeschooling vs. Public “School Choice” options:

2017: Education Liberty vs. Government Funded School Choice Initiatives  – Barbara Dragon, Blog – continually updated


Why We Don’t Want ESA’s – Video

March 22, 2018


Homeschooling vs State ESA Programs – Barbara Dragon warns other states about the “muddy waters” created by ESA bills and the impact on self-funded homeschooling – 2016

Kleenex vs. Puffs; Homeschool vs. ESA Program – Letter from NHN Chairman Frank Schnorbus explains why it is important to distinguish homeschooling from the new ESA Program. 2015

Government Alternative Education Funding Programs – NHN Position Statement on government funded/controlled “School Choice.”  January, 2015

Homeschoolers reveal path to greater academic achievement – Deregulation of public, private and home schools – By Barbara Dragon, Published 12/6/2010 by Nevada Policy Research Institute 2010

NHN’s Response to NPRI’s White Paper, “Bit by Bit; Virtual Schools Can Transform Nevada Public Education” 2010
The White Paper itself: Bit by Bit

Homeschooling vs. Public School at Home (PSAH) – Explains the differences between homeschooling and virtual charter schools. 2007

Why are Educational Tax Credits Important? By Christopher Klicka, Home School Legal Defense Association – Discusses double taxation on parents who pay for their child’s education as well as the neighborhood public school and how to bring about balance. 2004 


Parental Rights & Homeschooling:

Recommendations to NV Child Protective Services & Differential Response regarding “Educational Neglect” – NHN and HSLDA co-author recommendations after homeschool families are harassed by CPS/Differential Response. 2018

Whose Children: Rethinking Schools and Education – Frank Schnorbus – 2014 

NV Fundamental Parental Rights Law: NRS 126.036 – supporting document used during the 2013 NV Legislative Session to explain the need for a “Fundamental Parental Rights” bill. 2013

  • SB314.2013 – Fundamental Rights and Parents –  Scott Woodruff, attorney for ParentalRights.org, explains there are three categories of rights: absolute, fundamental, and ordinary.  His testimony before the 2013 NV State Legislature explains the difference and the need for a fundamental parental rights statute protecting parents and their children. 2013

Homeschooling; The Best Choice Frank Schnorbus – 2010

Position Paper on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child – 2009

Assault On Parental Rights – 2008


Legislative Issue Papers:

Early Childhood Education: What the Empirical Studies Show by Scott Woodruff, Esq., HSLDA Attorney, referenced by NHN with regards to legislative bills concerning compulsory attendance age change, mandatory Kindergarten, and Prekindergarten in Public Schools. 2017

The Right of Parents to Raise their Child (and conversely the right of the child to be raised by his/her family) by Frank Schnorbus, Parental Rights.org/NEVADA 2013 

Answers to Good Questions – Pamphlet to support passage of SB 404, “The Homeschool Freedom Bill.” 2007

Homeschooling in Nevada: The Budgetary Impact – John T. Wenders, Ph.D.* and Andrea D. Clements, Ph.D.  The NPRI study concludes that homeschooling, like private-schooling, is a win-win situation that generates a significant savings to the districts and the people of Nevada. The study also reviews other data, including why parents choose to homeschool, the socialization question, andthe academic performance of homeschooled children. 2005

2017 Legislative Session Wrap-up 

2017 Nevada Legislative Session Correspondence

2015 Legislative Session Wrap-up

2013 Legislative Session Wrap-up

2011 Legislative Session Wrap-up

2009 Legislative Alert 5.27.09 UPDATE

2007 Legislative Session Updates – SB 404; The NV Homeschool Freedom Bill – Support