SB 182 (against)

SB182 will adversely affect home school families!
“The bill lowers the compulsory attendance age for entry into school from 7 to 5 and will apply to ALL children, whether their parents planned to send them to public school or private school or home school.” (HSLDA summary of the bill). All homeschool families will be required to file an NOI when their child turns 5. Further, the bill will effect those families who choose private school and requires that all public Kindergartens be “full-day”; a financial burden that will passed on to all Nevada taxpayers.

NHN opposes SB182. The bill will be heard for the first time in a JOINT meeting of the Assembly Education and Senate Education Committees on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25th @ 3:30 p.m. We are asking that you call or email members of the Senate Education Committee AND the Assembly Education Committee ASAP! When you click these blue committee links you will be able to click on member’s name for their contact information.

NHN and HSLDA are recommending that when you call or email you put in your own words this message:
“Please vote against Senate Bill 182 which lowers compulsory attendance age from 7 to 5 for all children in Nevada. Parents should have the right to decide make the decision when a child is ready to attend school. The current age of 7 gives parents that opportunity. Many children are simply not ready at age 5. However, for those who wish their child to attend school the opportunity to do so exists under current Nevada law. Please vote NO on SB 182.”

In addition, we are encouraging all concerned parents to attend the hearing either in Carson City (Room 1214 State Legislature Building, 401 S. Carson St, Carson City) OR in Las Vegas (Room 4401, Grant Sawyer Office Building, 555 E. Washington Ave., Las Vegas). NHN Officers will be testifying against SB 182. You may choose to testify as well or simply sign in and vote “NO on SB 182″. Your presence at the hearing will greatly impact the final outcome on this piece of Legislation.

We will keep you posted on further developments on NV-Alert, our Facebook page and this Alerts tab as information becomes available. For an EXCELLENT 5-point analysis of why this bill is a “bad idea”, please visit the HSLDA “Nevada” page on their website. We are thankful to HSLDA for their assistance and expertise on issues vital to Nevada homeschool families.


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