SB 314

One more step! The Assembly amendment to SB 314 was concurred with in the Senate today. To enrollment and then to the Governor!

SB 314 passed in the NV Assembly

We are pleased to announce that SB 314 passed the NV Assembly tonight! The vote was 27 yea, 14 nay and 1 excused! If your Assemblyman/woman voted for the bill (see below) please send them an email thanking them for their vote. Now the bill goes back to the Senate to be concurred with (since it was amended) and then on to the Governor. We’re still not finished and will need to call on you one more time next week for calls/emails… but for now CELEBRATE with us! This is a great victory for ALL Nevada families.

Voting FOR: Paul Aizley, Paul Anderson, Elliot Anderson, Teresa Benitez-Thompson, David Bobzien, Irene Bustamante Adams, Skip Daly, Olivia Diaz, Marilyn Dondero Loop, Wesley Duncan, Michele Fiore, Jason Frierson, Cresent Hardy, James Healey, Pat Hickey, Joseph Hogan, Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Randy Kirner, Andrew Martin, James Ohrenschall, James Oscarson, Ellen Spiegel, Michael Sprinkle, Lynn Stewart, Tyrone Thompson, Jim Wheeler, Melissa Woodbury

Voting AGAINST: Maggie Carlton, Richard Carrillo, Lesley Cohen, Andy Eisen, John Ellison, Lucy Flores, Tom Grady, John Hambrick, Ira Hansen, William Horne, Peter Livermore, Harvey Munford, Dina Neal, Heidi Swank

Excused: Peggy Pierce

Many thanks to all who helped make this possible!

Frank Schnorbus, Elissa Wahl, Barbara Dragon, Kelley Radow, Ray Poole & Laura Siegel Legislative Liaisons


SB 314 was amended and had second reading in the NV Assembly late this afternoon. It is now on the General File for a third reading, debate and vote tomorrow.If you haven’t done so already, NOW is the time to call your Assemblyman/woman and ask them VOTE YES ON SB 314, see link below under #1. This bill must pass out of the Assembly by the end of business Friday, May 24th.

SB 314, will codify “the liberty interest of a parent in the care, custody and management of their child is a fundamental right” (amended in the Assembly Judiciary Committee).


1. Call/email your Assemblyman/woman and ask them to vote YES on SB 314. We have met many Legislator’s staff and all have been very gracious. They welcome constituent’s polite calls and take excellent notes. To find your representative’s contact information click here.

2. Give your opinion on SB 314 (if you have not already done so) on the Legislature Opinion Page.

3. Share this information with your friends and family! See the updated informational pamphlet on the Parental Rights page under “Legal Issues” to the right of this page.

Some legislators are still undecided on the bill… help us let them know that SB 314 is an important bill to Nevada families and their friends.

Thank you,

Frank, Barb, Kelley, Elissa, Laura & Ray Legislative Liaisons

Great Day for Liberty of Parents

A great day today for protecting the fundamental liberty interest of parents! With some slight modifications to address opposition, SB314 passed out of the Assembly committee with 8 votes in favor, 3 opposed, and 2 absent. If you have a minute, please thank the Assemblymen/women on the Judiciary Committee who voted “Do Pass” to move this bill to a floor vote:

Assembly Judiciary Committee in favor of SB314:,

Opposed were:

Absent during the vote were:

The bill still has some hurdles, and these final stages should in no way be taken for granted! But to give you an idea of how far we’ve come consider these stages:

1) Finding a legislator willing to sponsor our bill, in this case Senator Mo Denis.
2) Getting the committee chairman to grant a hearing in the Senate Judiciary, in this case Senator Tick Segerblom.
3) Getting the committee chairman to grant a work session, once again Senator Tick Segerblom.
4) Getting a unanimous Do Pass vote from the Senate Judiciary Committee.
5) Getting a unanimous Pass from the full Senate.
6) Getting the committee chairman to grant a hearing in the Assembly Judiciary, in this case Assemblyman Jason Frierson.
7) Getting the committee chairman to grant a work session, once again Assemblyman Jason Frierson.
8) Getting a Do Pass vote from the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

Next stages are:
9) Get a vote to Pass from the full Assembly
10) Since the bill was amended, ask the Senate if they concur on the amendment. Senate vote.
11a) If the Senate agrees, the bill goes to the Governor.
11b) If the Senate doesn’t agree, the bill goes to a conference committee and a compromise is made, then the bill goes back to both the Senate and Assembly for votes. If either disagrees the bill dies. If they both agree the bill goes to the Governor.
12) The Governor must sign the bill for it to become law.

Our next ACTON CALL will be to contact your personal Assembly representative and ask them to vote YES on SB314 – step #9 above. It will probably be this Sunday or Monday, and then a reminder or two after that if the bill gets delayed. If you want to find out ahead of time who your Assembly person is, click on the legislature map at this website:

Thank you for all your support and persistence. Especially thanks for responding with your emails and calls to the legislators! IT DOES MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!! We are pleased today to have such a success to share.

Frank Schnorbus, Elissa Wahl, Kelley Millard Radow, Barbara Dragon, Laura Siegel, Ray Poole
NHN Officers

Hearing on SB 182

HEARING on SB 182 in Senate Finance Committee, Monday, May 20th at 8:00 a.m.

SB 182 is the bill that will require that all public school Kindergartens (including charters) be “full-day” at a cost to the state of $90 million dollars over 2 years. In addition to the expense, this bill erodes the decision making process of local school boards and the concept of “local control of education” . Each school district and local school board should be the ones to decide if and where all-day Kindergarten be offered in their community… not mandated by the state.

Further, the bill lowers the compulsory attendance age for entry into school from 7 to 5 years of age (for public, private and home school children). This should be a decision made by the parent, not the government. Many children are simply not ready to attend school at age 5 or in some cases even 6. We appreciate that the bill sponsor amended the bill to partially address the issue by allowing parents to exempt their child from attendance at age 5 but we believe it is reasonable that the compulsory attendance age remain at 7 so that parents, not the state decide the age of enrollment. “CHOICE in EDUCATION” also means that parents are best suited to decide at what age their child should attend school.


1. EMAIL the Senate Finance Committee tonight! Please explain in your own words that this bill is:
a huge burden on the Nevada taxpayer,
it is not in the Governor’s budget,
it will required higher taxes that Nevadan’s can’t afford,
it takes away local control of education by mandating school districts to provide full-day Kindergarten in every school,
and it undermines a parent’s right to decide when their child is ready for school, even with the amendment on the bill.

Senate Finance Committee:,,,,,,,

2. Share your opinion on SB 182 on the Legislative Opinion Page (if you haven’t already done so).

3. Attend the Senate Finance Committee hearing if you can, sign in and mark “AGAINST” SB 182. Room 2134 NV Legislature, Carson City. Video conferenced to Room 4412 of the Grant Sawyer State Office Building, 555. E. Washington Ave., Las Vegas.


SB314 has been scheduled for a hearing in the Assembly Judiciary Committee Friday, May 10th at 8:00 a.m.! This bill will put the Nevada legislature on record as to how parental rights should be protected and was passed unanimously in the Senate on April 22, 2013. We are pleased that Chairman Frierson has scheduled this important piece of legislation for a hearing.

All bills must be voted out of committee the following week, May 17th… so time is short. has been meeting with individual Assembly Judiciary committee members over the last two weeks as well as Assembly Leadership. These meetings are very productive and well worth our time!

We will be present at the hearing to testify in favor of the bill along with attorney Scott Woodruff who ushered similar language through the Virginia Legislature and will provide expert testimony to the committee. But we need YOU to weigh in now as well!


1. CALL or EMAIL Assembly Judiciary Committee members (listed below).
In your own words explain that, “SB 314 is a non-partisan bill, intended for the courts, and defines the right of parents to raise their children as a fundamental right. If passed, the law will protect the parent-child bond from intrusion by the state unless there is a compelling reason for the government to do so.”
2. VOTE “For” SB 314 at the Legislature Opinion Page.
3. ATTEND the hearing and offer testimony using the talking points above as a guide.
You may offer oral testimony. The hearing will take place in Room 3138 of the Legislative Building, 401 S. Carson St., Carson City, NV. The hearing will be video-conferenced to Room 4406 of the Grant Sawyer State Office Building, 555 E. Washington Ave., Las Vegas, NV.

Assembly Judiciary Committee Members:
Jason Frierson – Chair 775/684-8537,
James Ohrenschall—Vice Chair 775/684-6819,
Richard Carrillo – 775/684-8801,
Lesley E. Cohen – 775/684-8855,
Olivia Diaz – 775/684-8553,
Marilyn Dondero Loop – 775/684-8833,
Andrew Martin – 775/684-8549,
Ellen Spiegel – 775/684-8577,
Tyrone Thompson – 775/684- 8569,
Wesley Duncan – 775/684-8505,
Ira Hansen – 775/684-8851,
Michele Fiore – 775/684-8829,
Jim Wheeler – 775/684-8843,

Download the Parental Rights Pamphlet, and Scott Woodruff’s Testimony, both available on the Legislative NELIS website for a thorough explanation of the bill.

Thank you for helping to get this bill passed, we are more than willing to answers any questions you may have.

SB 314 hearing

We just got word that SB 314 has been scheduled for a hearing in the Assembly Judiciary Committee next Friday, May 10th at 8:00 a.m.! has been meeting with committee members the last 2 weeks. Tomorrow, May 2nd we have meetings scheduled with Assembly Leadership and the Governor’s office on the bill. For a full report please see our “Parental Rights” tab to the right under LEGAL ISSUES and click on the 5/1/13 update. The letter includes links to 2 news stories where parents had their child removed from their custody (but thankfully got back). Having SB 314 enacted by the Legislature and in Nevada Revised Statutes will help assure parents and inform judges of the fundamental right of parents to direct the upbringing, education and care of their children.

SB 314 update

SB 314 was on the daily file for a last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday… but was “rolled over to the next day” AGAIN on Friday along with several other bills. We are hopeful that SB 314 will get its Third Reading and vote on Monday. All bills MUST be voted out of the first house by Tuesday, April 23rd. Waiting, waiting, waiting…


PLEASE CALL YOUR STATE SENATOR. Kindly ask them to vote for SB 314 – Fundamental Parental Rights bill when it comes to the floor this week. (The bill received a unanimous “Do Pass” vote in committee last Friday). Please thank Senator Denis for sponsoring the bill and if you emailed/called Senate Judiciary Committee Members please send them a short thank you note. Contact links/info available here.

The team has partnered with the national organization on this important piece of legislation. We are thankful for their support and assistance in getting SB 314 this far. As we wait for the Senate floor vote, NV team members are meeting this week with state Senators urging them to VOTE YES on SB 314 as well as introducing the bill to individual members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

One of the consistent remarks we hear from Legislators we speak with is, “Thank you for lobbying on this bill. It is an important part of the process that many forget to do.” So, we continue on; advocating for the fundamental rights of parents in the state of Nevada.

Frank Schnorbus, Barbara Dragon, Kelley Millard Radow, Elissa Wahl, Laura Siegel and Ray Poole Legislative Liaisons

Legislative Update

Today at 11:15 a.m. SB 314 received a “DO PASS” from the Senate Judiciary Committee… it was a unanimous vote in favor of the bill! If you sent an email to the committee members you may want to follow-up with a short “thank you” note to them. Be sure to put “Thank you for your vote on SB 314″ in the subject line.

The bill now heads to the floor of the full Senate for a vote. We will be meeting with as many Senators as we can about the bill next week but obviously will not be able to speak personally with them all. The bill must be voted on in Senate by April 24th. So we will forward information this weekend on who to contact and how. We thank you all for your help with this… it could not have happened without you!
Frank, Barb, Elissa, Kelley, Laura & Ray