Homeschool Freedom Under Attack – for “potential” education neglect, child abuse, and child fatalities

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    3/15/2018 – NEW STUDY RELEASED –  National Home Education Research Institute (Dr. Brian Ray):

The Relationship Between the Degree of State Regulation of Homeschooling and the Abuse of Homeschool Children (Students)

The purpose of this study is to examine whether there is a relationship between the degree of state control of homeschooling and the rate of abuse or neglect by the parents (or other legally responsible caregivers) of homeschooled children ages 6 through 17.



Fighting the Good Fight:

5/9/2018 – “The New Law of the Child” Attacks Parental Rights – posted by

  • Last fall a law professor claimed “the reason that the parent-child relationship exists is because the state confers legal parenthood.” Now two more liberal law professors repeat the claim that the right of parents to raise and educate their children is granted them by the government.  Thankfully, this time another law professor counters their claim in the same publication.

4/16/2018 – Parents in the Deadly California Cliff Crash Were Allowed to Keep Home-Schooling Despite Abuse Claims – Katie Reilly, TIME Magazine

  • “No state prohibits parents from home-schooling their children because of a history of child-abuse allegations.”  NOT TRUE!  NV homeschool parents addressed this in 2007 in our homeschool law.  
  • This article reveals what NHN has always been concerned with… parents using the homeschool law to “hide” their abuse and/or neglect patterns; we were specifically concerned with those parents who would intentionally use our homeschool law to “hide” and not really educate the child.  
  • Therefore, we included a line that parents under investigation and/or convicted of abuse/neglect (but given a second chance as in this case in the article) could have their homeschooling reviewed by a NV Judge/NV-CPS or curtailed in conjunction with the violation of other NV child abuse/neglect laws.
  • Monitoring by a judge could be employed to allow the homeschooling by THOSE parents to continue without restricting the rest of us with burdensome government regulation:
    NRS 388D.050 Educational plan.

    1. The parent of a child who is being homeschooled shall prepare an educational plan of instruction for the child in the subject areas of English language arts, mathematics, science and social studies, including history, geography, economics and government, as appropriate for the age and level of skill of the child as determined by the parent.
    2. The educational plan must be included in the notice of intent to homeschool filed pursuant to NRS 388D.020. If the educational plan contains the requirements of NRS 388D.020, the educational plan must not be used in any manner as a basis for denial of a notice of intent to homeschool that is otherwise complete. The parent must be prepared to present the educational plan of instruction and proof of the identity of the child to a court of law if required by the court.
    3. This section does not require a parent to ensure that each subject area is taught each year that the child is homeschooled.   [Emphasis added]

      ~Barbara Dragon, NHN Officer Emerita

4/16/2018 – Hard-Won Homeschooling Freedoms Are Under Threat and Must Be Defended, Kerry McDonald, Foundation for Economic Education

01/17/2018 – Homeschooling and Abuse, Israel Wayne, Homeschool Freedom


2019 BATTLES BREWING? State by State –

Colorado –

Missouri –

  • 3/7/2018Target 8: Home school students says Missouri needs more regulations – Jasmine Ramirez, KOMU 8 Reporter
    • Example of how when just one parent fails in their responsibility to provide a sound education to their child (and keep good records) ALL parents become suspect and the government steps in to “regulate” homeschooling.

Nevada – 

New Mexico – 

  • 10/27/2018World is their classroom, but are New Mexico home-schoolers learning? Robert Nott, Santa Fe New Mexican.  The title alone tells you exactly where this article is headed… regulations on homeschool parents must be increased so the state can “protect” children. NOT!  That is the parent’s right and responsibility! Prosecute those that don’t educate their children but don’t regulate every one else to death – deregulate homeschooling now! And to further irritate me (Barb), if I read one more article quoting the SAME so-called “experts” calling for increased regulation I think I’ll scream!  Where is the balance in journalism (you laugh, I know)?  Well enough is enough, even if we have to take on one journalist at a time and educate them then so be it – To the author of… article in Santa Fe New Mexican dated 11/20/2018.
    • 11/21/2018 Addendum – Mr. Nott sent a thoughtful reply thanking me for the email and expressing appreciation for the information and links… he has been “learning more” about the topic in the wake of the article being published. That is good thing!

Ohio – 

  • 11/08/2018

    Dr. James Jones: Home schooling damaging Polk County systemLarry C. Bowers, Cleveland Daily Banner.  This article condemns homeschooling in Ohio not because of the lack of regulation but because public schools are loosing funding when parents pull their kids to homeschool.  This is not true and one study commissioned by NHN in 2007 disproves this theory.

    • “There is a trend statewide, that is greatly impacting school districts, especially small, rural districts,” said Jones. That trend is home schooling. Of the 70 students Polk County lost, Jones said almost all were to home schooling.
    • Jones reiterated the current challenges he sees for the school system.”Over the past five years, there have been new standards, tests and evaluations, which have been tough on our teachers and our school system, ” said Jones. “And, home schooling is causing the bottom to fall out of public education. There is a whole new subculture regarding home school, and no one hates it more than me.

Oklahoma – 

  • 11/12/2018Homeschooling in Oklahoma: A push for more oversight, Caroline Vandergriff, Channel 8, ABC, Tulsa.  Good grief… for umpteenth time “Rachel Coleman” is quoted as an “expert” on all things homeschool.  Do these “journalists” have no other sources… oh wait, we do!  See Homeschooling Backgrounder for truth and rebuttals to the so-called facts printed in this article.

Virginia –

  • 12/1/2018 – Letter: Michael Farris, Purcellville, Letter to the Editor of Loudoun Now in response the Loudoun County School Board Meeting by Michael Farris, attorney and founder of HSLDA.
    • “Editor:  Yes, there were misrepresentations regarding the proposed lobbying agenda for Loudoun County School Board. But the central misrepresentations were made by members of the Board.

      They claimed in emails sent to people like me that they were not proposing a repeal of the religious exemption alternative for homeschooling.

      Currently there are two methods for homeschooling under Virginia law. Either a family obtains a religious exemption or it must submit to the school district’s supervision and review per the homeschool law.

      While purporting to leave the religious exemption in place, the Board was seeking to require all homeschoolers to comply with the public school regulatory alternative. Thus, the religious exemption would be an empty shell. That is a de facto repeal. And the Board members spoke in error to say to the contrary.

      Finally, how can a government entity take taxpayers’ money to lobby for removal of the existing rights of citizens. That is unconstitutional in spirit and deed.”

      Michael Farris, Purcellville

      [The writer is the founder of the Home School Legal Defense Association and Patrick Henry College.]

  • 11/30/2018 – Woodruff Asks Loudoun Now for Apology for “Misinformation” Accusation.  Letter from Scott Woodruff requesting an apology and retraction for misreporting by Danielle Nadler in her 11/28/18 article on the school board meeting (see below).
  • 11/29/2018Update on Loudoun School Board Meeting by Scott Woodruff, HSLDA Attorney.
  • 11/28/2018 – School Board to Revisit Homeschool Stance After Backlash Prompted by Misinformation by Danielle Nadler, LoudounNow.  Be sure to read the comments section, homeschool parents were NOT misinformed as the title of this article indicates.  See HSDLA Attorney Scott Woodruff’s warning letter to Loudoun County homeschool parents below.
  • 11/26/2018 – Stop Loudoun School Board’s Effort to Repeal Religious Exemption , by Scott Woodruff, HSLDA Attorney.

West Virginia – 

  • 11/15/2018Superintendent: Enrollment down by more than 4,000 students this year in West Virginia public schools, By Shauna Johnson – Metro News, The Voice of WV.  Another article saying “we’re loosing kids to homeschooling, therefore we must regulate them more because a few might not be receiving a quality education.” (paraphrased) FACT:  West Virginia has “moderate” (vs. “low” or none) homeschool laws as compared to other states.
    • “…along with the number of students withdrawing from public schools for home schools or private schools.”
    • “I certainly don’t have a problem with home-schooled students, but I do have a problem with the qualifications and the criteria that has been established for those home-schooled students,” Paine said.In most cases, he told BOE members, he believed high-quality education was being provided to those schooled at home.However, he added, “The law has changed significantly from the time when I was a teacher, a principal and otherwise and so I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there are circumstances where it’s being abused and I fear for those kids that they’re not receiving a quality education.”Interesting to note however, he offers no specific statistics proving such a claim.  In fact, we would argue the opposite is true… homeschoolers clearly outperform their peers in public school school with or without state regulation.

2018 BATTLES – State by State:

Connecticut –

  • 6/18/2018After Its Agencies Fail To Prevent Child Abuse, Connecticut Scapegoats Homeschoolers, Susannah Dominic, The Federalist
  • 6/10/2018Bureaucrat Subpoenas Records of Homeschoolers to Build Case for Regulation – Dr. Susan Barry,
  • 6/6/2018 – Homeschoolers Will Not Be Scapegoated: JOINT STATEMENT OF CONNECTICUT HOMESCHOOL ORGANIZATIONS – One state official in CT is going after parents who withdraw their children from public school to homeschool in an attempt to cover the mishandling by government officials of the reported abuse and eventual death of a truant public school child in Connecticut.
  • 5/9/2018 –  Facebook Live: HSLDA, NHELD, & Connecticut State Homeschool Leaders discuss false report from the Connecticut Office of Child Advocate linking homeschooling to child fatalities.
  • 5/8/2018 –  Homeschoolers Will Not Be Scapegoated in Tirado Death – Peter Wolfgang, Family Institute of Connecticut in addressing a Press Conference called to clear homeschool families of false statements made in a CT Legislative Hearing by the CT Child Advocate last month.
  • 5/4/2018 – Homeschoolers:  We will not be scapegoats for the failure of government agencies to protect children – Dr. Susan Berry, Brietbart
    • “In Connecticut, as in California, government bureaucrats are attempting to regulate homeschooling families following a tragedy that was not about homeschooling, at the same time they claim they are not attacking parents who choose to educate their children at home.”
    • “Homeschooling parents will not be the scapegoats for the failure and incompetence of these agencies. Homeschoolers are not going to be the scapegoats for the failed child protection system, not going to be scapegoats for the failed educational system, and not going to be scapegoats for the failed judicial system. No one in the legislature should listen to the Child Advocate’s recommendations for changing any laws, especially when she is the only one who has seen any of the facts and evidence here. We made FOI requests of all these agencies in February to obtain the underlying information so we could all be on the same page to have a dialogue, to look at things rationally … we have received zero, nothing from the Child Advocate, zero, nothing from DCF.” [Emphasis added] – Attorney Deborah Stevenson of National Home Education Legal Defense (NHELD)
    • “Addressing the fact that there are various levels of regulation of homeschooling in existence among states in the U.S., Kamakawiwoole also observed, ‘There is no data to suggest that child abuse and neglect fatalities are lower in states with high regulation and higher in states with low or no regulations.’”  [Emphasis added] – Peter Kamakawiwoole, HSLDA
  • 4/27/2018 – “Numbers Don’t Lie”:  A response to the Office of the Child Advocate’s report on homeschooling – Peter Kamakawiwoole, HSLDA
    • Regarding the 4/26/18 story in the Hartford Courant and repeated in other publications:  “The Courant’s editorial board opines that “far too many parents aren’t providing safe environments for quality education to happen.” But the only definitive finding of unsafe home environments in the OCA’s report is the isolated example in “Case Example (3),” which also happens to be the only case study in the report where allegations against the family were found to be substantiated. One isolated example does not establish a trend.” [Emphasis added]
  • 4/26/2018 – Child advocate finds some homeschooled children subject to abuse, neglect – Clarice Silber, The CT Mirror
  • 4/26/2018 – Hundreds of Connecticut Children Home Schooled in Households Where Abuse, Neglect Suspected – Josh Kovner, Hartford Courant

Texas –

Iowa – 



Threat to Homeschool Freedom in other states STOPPED when parents show up in droves to protest restrictive bills based on “allegations” that homeschool parents are potential child abusers and that the state should be the arbitrator of the education a child receives:

California –

Kentucky –

  • 5/22/2018 – KY Reaches Out to Homeschoolers – Tj Schmidt, HSLDA Attorney
  • 4/27/2018Kentucky Legislative Update – HSLDA/CHEK
  • 3/13/2018HSLDA and CHEK have been assured that HB 574 in Kentucky is NOT going forward and will die in committee.
    • Friends,

      CHEK and many of you, as constituents,  have been assured that HB 574 will not move out of committee, long sigh of relief…..

      BUT, we also have been told this will be discussed in the legislative interim.

      Yes, the Chair of the Education Committee and several Representatives have responded with, “This bill is dead, but there will be discussion during interim”, or they responded with questions asking their constituents, “What would be acceptable oversight?”.

  • Kentucky Rep Harris said this bill was recommended to him by several public school officials.  TJ Schmidt of HSLDA recommends that if asked why there should not be more restrictions on homeschooling ask the person… “What are you trying to fix?  What is the purpose in your bill?”  Homeschooling provides parents the flexibility to educate their individual children dependent on their needs.  Give your personal story on the success of your homeschool.  Every state has a different level of requirements of parents… some more restrictive than others.  But with all these differing levels of regulation homeschool children ARE all doing well and becoming productive members of society not dependent on their parents or the state after the age of majority… check out the research here, NHERI research-facts-on-homeschooling.  Homeschooling works and does not need to monitored beyond existing laws (and some states need to reduce theirs in the name of FREEDOM)… we  certainly don’t need more.
  • 3/6/2018Kentucky HB 574 – Aggressive Encroachment of Private Home Education – CHEC of Kentucky Legislative Alert
    • This bill would put Kentucky homeschoolers under regulations similar to what Nevada had back in 1988, the most restrictive time in our state’s homeschool history!
    • 3/8/2018 –  Boosting Term Limits, Busting Bad Homeschooling Bills  Jim Waters, “Liberty Buster: Rep. Chris Harris’ awful House Bill 574, which adds significant new mandates on the backs of Kentucky’s homeschooling parents and discourages those considering this approach to educating their children.When radical legislation like this is introduced every couple of years, it creates consternation in Kentucky’s homeschooling community and brings swift reaction.The good news is HB 574 isn’t going anywhere except in the legislative trash can where it belongs.  Still, isn’t it remarkable that such a bad bill wasting taxpayers’ time and treasure even gets filed in Kentucky?”
    • 3/7/18 – Is Homeschooling in Kentucky Under Attack?  Richard Innes, Bluegrass Institute, “Based on this information, I would submit the legislature needs to spend a whole lot more time worrying about the state’s public schools before trying to chase after, at best, a few hundred students each year who might not – or, then again, might – be getting a decent homeschool education.”
    • 2/7/17 – HSLDA:  Enrollment Down? Let’s Harass Homeschoolers!  TJ Schmidt, HSLDA Attorney for Kentucky.  Looks like a school board in Kentucky began discussing homeschoolers at a meeting.  Homeschoolers alarmed by the discussion contacted HSLDA leading Mr. Schmidt to say, “As I reviewed the Lee County School Board minutes, it became clear to me that the board was worried about money. Before the discussion of homeschooling families, board members talked about the fact that their overall enrollment is down. We wonder if their concern about whether homeschooling families are valid is related to a desire to get them back into the public school system in order to boost enrollment, and consequently, the district’s funding.” Could the discussions of the school board have been the precursor to the current Kentucky bill?  We can only guess – but it is suspicious.  Always “follow the money!”

Maryland –

  • 3/14/2018Homeschoolers Send Home Visitation Bill Packing – Dave Dentel, HSLDA
  • 3/12/2018Sponsor of HB 1798 withdraws his bill from consideration for this session of the Maryland Legislature.  This bill was “fast-tracked” last Friday and pulled on Monday… GOOD WORK Maryland homeschool parents!  However, parents will need stay engaged based on the Delegate’s last sentence in his email.  Maryland Homeschool Association
  • 3/19/18California, Maryland Politicians Use Horrible CA Crime As Pretext to Crush Homeschool Rights – P. Gardner Goldsmith, Media Research Center TV
  • 3/9/2018 – Maryland Homeschool Legislative Update – HB 1798 – bill introduced late in the Maryland legislative session and is being fast-tracked.  Maryland Homeschool Association
    • This bill would require parents to annually inform their county school boards of their homeschool child’s primary instructor and of the primary location where homeschooling is taking place each year. Furthermore, in order to legally homeschool in the state of Maryland, parents would be required to allow a representative of the county board to observe instruction at the family’s primary homeschooling location (in other words, their home!) at least twice a year. Finally, this bill would require county school board employees who observe a family’s instruction and who believe a homeschool child has been subjected to abuse or neglect to report their suspicion to the proper authorities. [Emphasis added]
    • HSLDA position statement/call to action
    • Letter to Bill Sponsor from Scott Woodruff, HSLDA Attorney for Maryland member families explaining the right of Maryland families protection of the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that this bill would violate.
    • 3/11/2018State to Force Homeschoolers to Submit to Warrantless Home Inspections, Trampling Rights – Matt Agorist, Freedom Outpost
      • “Freethinkers are a danger to the empire. And whether or not the lawmakers in California and Maryland will admit it, violating the rights of homeschoolers is not in the interest of public safety. It is in the interest of self-preservation.”

New Hampshire – 

  • 3/6/2018New Hampshire House Kills Bill to Add Oversight for Homeschool Students
    • “As soon as the bill was introduced it faced overwhelming opposition from homeschool families, who turned out by the dozens (according to eye witnesses more like 700 hundred) to testify against bill during its public hearing.  The bill came out of committee with a unanimous negative recommendation. It was voted down by the full House on a voice vote.”
    • 2/13/2018Hundreds Rally at State House for Homeschool Freedom – HSLDA, “So many homeschooling moms, dads, and students showed up for the hearing (one account put the number at about 600) that it had to be moved from the committee room to Representatives Hall. And the families still didn’t fit!”
    • 1/25/2018Homeschoolers turn out in force to oppose oversight  – Dave Solomon, New Hampshire Union Leader
    • 1/25/2018Home schooling advocates flood State House in opposition of oversight bill – Ethan DeWITT, Concord Monitor
    • 11/13/2017 – Legislator Apologizes for Calling Homeschooling “Child Abuse” – Mike Donnelly, HSLDA
    • 1/2018HSLDA response to New Hampshire HB 1263 (click “New Hampshire” in drop-down box to access HSLDA full position statement):
      • QUESTION:  I’m concerned about children who are falling through the cracks.  What is a less burdensome way for a homeschooled child to be checked on other than this?”  ANSWER:  “In answering this question, it is appropriate to acknowledge the concern of the legislator.  The truth is there are cases of abuse or neglect, but this often-repeated concern makes a pre-suppositional mistake that homeschooling has something to do with children falling through the cracks and that it is the duty of the state to check up on homeschooled (or any other) children proactively without evidence of harm – this is not the case.Absent evidence of a reason to do so, checking up on children proactively is not a state responsibility or duty.  Parents are endowed with the inalienable and constitutionally protected fundamental right to direct the education and upbringing of their children (U.S. Supreme Court decision Pierce v. Society of Sisters) and are entitled to a constitutional presumption to be acting in the best interest of their child (U.S. Supreme Court decision Parham v. J.R.).That some parents “may at times be acting against the interests of their children” . . . creates a basis for caution, but it is hardly a reason to discard wholesale those pages of human experience that teach that parents generally do act in the child’s best interest. . . . The statist notion that governmental power should supersede parental authority in all cases because some parents abuse and neglect children is repugnant to American tradition.”If there is a reason to believe parents are not acting in their children’s best interest, current laws provide sufficient means for state involvement to protect the safety and education of all children.”
      • QUESTION:  If the state is going to be funding homeschooling under the school choice bill we should have more oversight.*  ANSWER:  “Homeschoolers who accept funding under the proposed school choice bill will have to submit to whatever required measures are imposed for receiving that funding. However, families who do not receive funding should not have to submit to additional regulation.  The homeschool community is not looking for money from the state; all we want is to be left alone.  When members of the community violate the laws and there is evidence of that, then they should be investigated and prosecuted in accordance with the law.  Absent a reason to believe someone is violating the law, that person should be left alone.”  [Emphasis added]   Mike Donnelly, HSLDA Attorney for New Hampshire
        • *BUYER BEWARE:  This is the reason NHN opposed and blocked the inclusion of “homeschooling” in the 2015 NV-ESA Bill – SB 302 (although the bill did pass, to date it has not been funded and is not operational).  Nevada homeschoolers value their LIBERTY over funding.  The History of the NV Homeschool Law tells us that accepting one penny of taxpayer funding WILL return us to over-burdensome regulation by the government in return for the money.

Hawaii –


Articles on the threat to homeschool freedom based on false allegations of child abuse against homeschoolers:

2/23/2018 – From HSLDA:

On Wednesday we noticed several negative articles linking child abuse and homeschooling in a number of states. By the time we got to the third article, we realized that it was essentially the same article with only minor tweaks (picture, headline, contributor, and first few paragraphs) which target specific states—and they were all being published by

Some of you were seeing the same articles and contacted us expressing concern about the messaging.

Although Patch purports to be local news, this series is clearly a campaign.

What’s the best response? Comments from their local audience—you! A few of you have reported that comments with viewpoints opposed to that of the authors are being deleted or marked as spam, or the article is deleted and re-posted with no comments. But this appears to be a localized phenomenon and must be happening at the discretion of local Patch editors or moderators.

Calm, reasoned, caring, and compassionate responses from local homeschoolers are the best antidote to attempts to misrepresent homeschooling families. invites articles from people like you. If you want to write something, check out our resource Responding to Calls for Increased Homeschool Regulation: Some Things to Consider at

Also, let your friends and family know about the opportunity to respond as readers, homeschooling parents/grads, and friends of homeschooling families.

HSLDA is here to protect your right to homeschool. If legislation is introduced in any state, we will be there to make sure that hasty legislation does not discriminate against and unjustly burden homeschooling families who are raising their children in a safe, loving, and educationally rich environment.

 HSLDA – Responding to Calls for Increased Homeschool Regulation: Some Things to Consider


2/22/2018 – For a change of pace, here is an article on three Harvard students that were homeschooled and why the FREEDOM-  they enjoyed got them to where they are today.  THIS is the dream of a clear majority (if not nearly all) TRUE homeschool parents: Homeschooled en route to Harvard.

1/24/17 – This was published in the Reno Gazette Journal – Homeschooling child abuse can happen here too by Cameron Etchart. In response, Barbara Dragon, NHN Officer Emerita, wrote a reply that was posted in the Comment section of the article and on the RGJ’s Facebook post.  As the reply seems to keep being marked as “spam” we are publishing her response here  – for the record.

1/23/2018 – Evil, Not Homeschooling, Caused the California ‘House of Horrors’ – Cheryl Magness, The Federalist

1/23/2018 – Dr. Brian Ray of National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) wrote on child abuse occurring in American homes back in 2016… at this time it is worth a read,

Child Abuse of Public School, Private School, and Homeschool Students: Evidence, Philosophy, and Reason

NHN appreciates Dr. Ray’s fact-based ideas and philosophical positions.  NHN has worked for two decades with loving families devoted their children’s academic success and emotional well-being.  We believe overwhelmingly that PARENTS LOVE THEIR CHILDREN more than the government ever can or will.

Nevada had a similar case to the current reported case of massive child abuse by a California couple.  Back in 2006 two children living in Carson City, Nevada had been similarly caged in their home while other children in the family, who lived in the same household, went to public school every day.  NO ONE ever said anything about the two abused children being caged in a bathroom in the home.  It wasn’t until one of the children escaped and was seen wandering around by local police officer.  So, the sad fact is that child abuse happens every day… whether a child attends public school, private school, is homeschooled, or as in that case – never attended a school at all.

NHN grieves for abused children everywhere.  In 2007, when we lobbied for SB 404 – The Homeschool Freedom Bill, we addressed this issue head on.  Using governmental statistics we showed that in Nevada 81% of all child abuse reports come from non-school related sources; nationally it was 83.9%.  We pointed out that private and homeschooled students do not become “invisible” from CPS by not attending public school.  For more check out the pamphlet, Answers to Good Questions.

1/22/2018Don’t Blame Homeschooling For Child Abuse Cases Like the Turpins’  – G. Shane Morris, The Federalist

  • “The point is this: Just as no one would suggest cracking down on schools in Fairfax County, Virginia because schools in Chicago, Illinois are failing, we shouldn’t crack down on the incredibly successful nationwide homeschooling movement because two disturbed parents allegedly abused their freedom to take away the freedom of their children.””On a more fundamental level, those who want to place additional barriers in the way of homeschooling families have a different worldview. They see the state, not the family, as ultimately responsible for rearing and educating children. They believe stifling cherished freedoms that benefit millions is the answer to rare and tragic cases of abusive parenting. It’s not. As the product of homeschooling, I should know.”

1/18/2018 – The Horror of Homeschooling – Alan Jacobs, Snakes and Ladders

Child Abuse of Public School, Private School, and Homeschool Students: Evidence, Philosophy, and Reason



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