!!!!!URGENT ACTION NEEDED!!!! on AB65 (which changes compulsory age from 7 to 6) –OPPOSE NOW–

State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Joan Ebert, is trying to sneak in a lowering of compulsory school age. The bill is currently before the Nevada Education Committee and could be voted on as early as Monday, May 15.

AB65, which has been touted as an Aug 1st DOB for school entrance, has now had an amendment added to it seeking to change compulsory school age. Nevada Homeschool Network has fought against this for years. We encourage your voices to be heard as well.
Section 12 of the amendment to AB65 (https://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/82nd2023/Bills/Amendments/A_AB65_138.pdf ) will lower the compulsory attendance age for entry into school from 7 to 6 years of age. This requirement will apply to all children, whether their parents planned to send them to public school or private school or homeschool.
We have several concerns with AB65’s amendment, section 12:
  • First and foremost, taking away parental choice of when to start the child’s formal education.
  • No longer would a parent be able to wait till the school year when their child is 6yrs 4 mo, 6 yrs 8 mo, 6 yrs 11 months- they would be forced into school at a YOUNG 6 or as a 5 yr old, if their birthday was midyear.
  • The manner in which this amendment was added, with input (according to the superintendent’s testimony) of only 2 school districts.
  • Private schooled parents were not consulted (according to testimony) about the fiscal burden of them having to start their children a year early.
  • Homeschoolers, by far the largest demographic that this will affect, were also not consulted.

Please do any or all of the below:
1) Ask the Chair of the Senate Ed Committee, Roberta Lange, Roberta.Lange@sen.state.nv.us , (where this is going next for a vote), to strike amendment section 12.
2) Ask the entire Senate education committee to strike section 12 before voting
3) Log your opinion on the Opinion Poll….against section 12 of the amendment lowering compulsory school age. https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/NELIS/REL/82nd2023/Bill/9621/opinions
4) Send your email of opposition to the senate committee secretary to upload to nelis (suggested subject line- parent against lowering compulsory school age OR please strike amendment section 12 of AB65 )  SenEDU@sen.state.nv.us
5) Send this post to any of your homeschooling friends here in Nevada and leave a comment in the comment section (which puts this post higher in search engine searches) so that this comes up when people search for AB65
Thank you for doing your part to keep our Nevada homeschooling laws the best in the country.


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