• HSLDA Supreme Court Case

    The Loudermilk family case was heard before the United States Supreme Court. Support their cause by giving to HSLDA at www.hslda.org/LoudermilkSC. Read More
  • What do the new Education Savings Accounts mean to homeschoolers?

    How does SB302 and the Education Savings Accounts affect homeschoolers? Can homeschoolers participate? Read More
  • Join NHN today!

    NHN needs your support. One way you can do that is by becoming a member. NHN volunteers spend countless hours helping and advocating for homeschooling families in Nevada. Click here to see the benefits... Read More
  • 2015 Legislative wrap up

    2015 legislative session certainly had its ups and downs for the homeschooling community. Here is your summary of the bills that NHN followed through the 2015 session. Read More
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NV - Education Liberty versus School Choice (SB 506)

As the 2017 Nevada Legislative session approaches, homeschool parents and advocates must stay engaged in the debate over "government funded school choice" and the impact Read More

Federal funding for government controlled school choice; "Thanks, but no thanks."

Updates: 5/23/2017 - HSLDA and DeVos talk Homeschool Freedom - report on their meeting. 5/18/2017 - Homeschool Advocates to Betsy DeVos: We Want to be Left Alone by Read More

AB 186-A March Towards Totalitarianism in the Education of Children; Government Knows Best!

April 27, 2017 - Contact your Assemblyman/woman regarding AB 186. Bill referred to Assembly Ways & Means, not yet scheduled for a hearing. Click here for Read More

A Torturous History: NV Homeschool Law

But we must never forget the HARD road to homeschool freedom! Here it is, 2017 and I'm sitting in a meeting of the Nevada Assembly Read More

NEW Chart shows "Who's In Charge?"

We've updated our chart showing Who's In Charge? of the child's education depending on how the parent chooses to meet Nevada's compulsory attendance law, NRS Read More
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Nevada Homeschool Network (NHN) strives to advocate for homeschool freedom and the right of each family to direct the education their own children as they see best. It is our intent to respond to the wishes, concerns and interests of the homeschooling community, and to report on legislative, legal and other matters relevant to homeschooling and family education.
  • NHN serves all families interested in home education to the best of our ability regardless of race, creed, methods used, or reasons for homeschooling.
  • NHN believes there are as many educational approaches as there are students.
  • NHN believes the choice of the educational approach is the constitutional, natural and God-given right of the guardian of the child.
  • We hold that there is a constitutional right for parents to direct their child’s education. Further, that the state’s regulation of education is secondary to this parental right.
  • NHN believes citizens must maintain eternal vigilance to protect their liberty and encourages families to remain informed of home school law.
  • Network with and disseminate information to Nevada homeschool groups and individuals
  • To monitor and influence state legislation and district policies affecting homeschooling
  • To defend the right to homeschool and to maintain the least restrictive laws and policies for homeschooling
  • To sponsor symposiums or conferences in Nevada that help parents become the best parent-teachers they can be.
  • To educate families, educators, elected officials and the public on the laws and merits of home based education
  • To assist homeschoolers and support groups in establishing communication with local school officials