Homeschool Book Nook – November Review


While there are many books to choose from on the topic of homeschooling which ones can help YOU in your time of need? Ever wonder if reading homeschooling books is worth your time when we are faced with so many other obligations? The great homeschooling philosophers over the centuries all agree that secular learning does not end when you stop a formal education nor should it start on a Monday only to be put away again on Friday afternoon. Our lives are enhanced by being producers and homeschooling produces some of the best minds in the world! YOU are shaping some of the best minds in the world! So, join us as we delve into the world of homeschooling through books with the purpose of giving strength to the Nevada homeschooling community which we fight so hard to maintain and defend!

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Our first stop: Author, blogger, Youtuber, and homeschooler Jamie Erickson has been helping homeschooling parents for over a decade. Her background studies in English and literature give poetic attention to detail in the thoughts, fears, and struggles of homeschooling but  with the ability to leave you feeling whole, capable, and positive to facing the journey. You don’t just join her in the trenches left to sit in your struggles together (ever read a post/book/or see a video that left you there?) but her prose allows you to see her heartfelt empathy as she develops your mind to the many ways that you are capable to do this work. With God as her guide Jamie published her most recent book, Homeschool Bravely, and allows you to witness her during some of her most raw moments when fear ALMOST stopped her from continuing to homeschool her now 5 children. As you read, she explains how she overcomes those fears, how to keep those fears at bay, and that homeschooling is a RIGHT ordained by God and attached to predicated blessings.

So, pick up the book and leave the second guessing behind. You can do this! 


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*Her BLOG is full of the intricacies we expect in an imperfect but wonderful home and can be found here

**Her YouTube videos can help you organize, decide, and tackle your day, your space, and your schedule here

***Her podcasts will bring peace and clarity here


If you find this helpful, please let us know! We love to hear from our network of readers. Happy Homeschooling!


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