PLEASE CALL YOUR STATE SENATOR. Kindly ask them to vote for SB 314 – Fundamental Parental Rights bill when it comes to the floor this week. (The bill received a unanimous “Do Pass” vote in committee last Friday). Please thank Senator Denis for sponsoring the bill and if you emailed/called Senate Judiciary Committee Members please send them a short thank you note. Contact links/info available here.

The team has partnered with the national organization on this important piece of legislation. We are thankful for their support and assistance in getting SB 314 this far. As we wait for the Senate floor vote, NV team members are meeting this week with state Senators urging them to VOTE YES on SB 314 as well as introducing the bill to individual members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

One of the consistent remarks we hear from Legislators we speak with is, “Thank you for lobbying on this bill. It is an important part of the process that many forget to do.” So, we continue on; advocating for the fundamental rights of parents in the state of Nevada.

Frank Schnorbus, Barbara Dragon, Kelley Millard Radow, Elissa Wahl, Laura Siegel and Ray Poole Legislative Liaisons


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