SB314 has been scheduled for a hearing in the Assembly Judiciary Committee Friday, May 10th at 8:00 a.m.! This bill will put the Nevada legislature on record as to how parental rights should be protected and was passed unanimously in the Senate on April 22, 2013. We are pleased that Chairman Frierson has scheduled this important piece of legislation for a hearing.

All bills must be voted out of committee the following week, May 17th… so time is short. has been meeting with individual Assembly Judiciary committee members over the last two weeks as well as Assembly Leadership. These meetings are very productive and well worth our time!

We will be present at the hearing to testify in favor of the bill along with attorney Scott Woodruff who ushered similar language through the Virginia Legislature and will provide expert testimony to the committee. But we need YOU to weigh in now as well!


1. CALL or EMAIL Assembly Judiciary Committee members (listed below).
In your own words explain that, “SB 314 is a non-partisan bill, intended for the courts, and defines the right of parents to raise their children as a fundamental right. If passed, the law will protect the parent-child bond from intrusion by the state unless there is a compelling reason for the government to do so.”
2. VOTE “For” SB 314 at the Legislature Opinion Page.
3. ATTEND the hearing and offer testimony using the talking points above as a guide.
You may offer oral testimony. The hearing will take place in Room 3138 of the Legislative Building, 401 S. Carson St., Carson City, NV. The hearing will be video-conferenced to Room 4406 of the Grant Sawyer State Office Building, 555 E. Washington Ave., Las Vegas, NV.

Assembly Judiciary Committee Members:
Jason Frierson – Chair 775/684-8537,
James Ohrenschall—Vice Chair 775/684-6819,
Richard Carrillo – 775/684-8801,
Lesley E. Cohen – 775/684-8855,
Olivia Diaz – 775/684-8553,
Marilyn Dondero Loop – 775/684-8833,
Andrew Martin – 775/684-8549,
Ellen Spiegel – 775/684-8577,
Tyrone Thompson – 775/684- 8569,
Wesley Duncan – 775/684-8505,
Ira Hansen – 775/684-8851,
Michele Fiore – 775/684-8829,
Jim Wheeler – 775/684-8843,

Download the Parental Rights Pamphlet, and Scott Woodruff’s Testimony, both available on the Legislative NELIS website for a thorough explanation of the bill.

Thank you for helping to get this bill passed, we are more than willing to answers any questions you may have.


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