Prayer Warriors Needed

This past week we have seen the efforts of so many during a call to action in regards to AB19. We surpassed our goal of 500 oppositions by over 300 and flooded the inboxes of state legislators statewide. They heard us loud and clear as one of the most opposed bills in the state. But many are trying to usurp our rights as homeschoolers and directors of our child’s education. Their (Department of Education or DOE) reasons for the change are not consistent with their treatment (they don’t accept our discretion to the standards) and they fail to recognize parents as a voice kijk hier in the matter. This week is very important and your prayers are needed. Specifically for:

1) Homeschoolers to be removed from AB19

2) Recognition of current standing laws that give homeschoolers the legal right to be the voice that changes current mandates.

3) Our Nevada homeschool leaders and respective legal council to be guided and directed by Him in this work to protect our freedoms.

Here’s the thing, we already won this battle in 2007 when the Homeschool Freedom bill removed us from the public school system completely. Because of THAT bill parents only answer to the court in the cases of educational neglect NOT the DOE. Because of THAT bill the parents (or a group who represents homeschool parents) get to decide on the changes to our current mandates. We already won that battle but some in power are refusing to recognize it and trying to blur that line with ambiguity. It is time to remind them of what we already won in 2007 by vehemently opposing this current bill based on legalities of bills past.

Your prayerful consideration to this cause is vital. God is willing, sometimes he just needs to hear us ask for it. Let our prayers find their way to Him as loudly as our pleas to our respective assembly leaders but this time with definitive power to make a difference.


If you haven’t already, please keep up the work of opposing this bill here:

Here is an example of what you could write:
I am a homeschooling parent and am opposed to any proposed changes to the homeschooling laws as suggested in AB19.  The latest homeschooling regulations were written by homeschoolers in 2007 because that is our legal right. The Department of Education DOES NOT have the authority to make core standards for us and we don’t approve their reasoning.  We were not consulted, involved, or otherwise part of drafting this bill and do not wish to be a part of it moving forward. Please remove homeschoolers from AB19 and inform DOE of their overreach. 


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