Opposition to SB74- Grandparents Rights
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While on the surface, this bill seems like it could help an estranged relative, the reality is that it will erode parental rights.

Homeschooling is a parental right-  given by God (natural rights) and then by the Constitution.  Anytime a bill is introduced that could weaken parental rights, we get involved.

We ask you today to do  1, 2 or 3 things!

1) Write the bill’s sponsor (Senator Robin Titus ) and let her know you oppose this infringement on your parental rights.

2) Write the Senate Judiciary Committee and let them know you oppose this bill and  it’s infringement on your parental rights.   This bill was just sent to this committee – maybe we can kill it before it’s heard!

3) Use the Opinion Poll portion of the legislative website.  ( ) You will likely need to make a free account in order to submit your opinion.  Legislators check these polls!  Let’s skyrocket the numbers AGAINST SB 74!!

The main message:
We believe that SB74 weakens parental rights by changing NV law to allow a district court judge to step in and override parental wishes regarding who gets to spend time with a parent’s kids. We believe that SB74 conflicts with the Supreme Court Case- Troxel v. Granville, in which case the Supreme Court affirmed that parental rights are fundamental.