Homeschooling vs. Home Based Education

NHN has written several Position Papers explaining the differences between self-funded, parent-directed “homeschooling” and government funded “school choice” options available to Nevada parents.

While NHN supports the right of ALL parents to choose the best educational option for their children whether that is public (including charter), private, or home school; we believe it is important for both parents and government officials (elected, appointed and/or employed) to understand the differences in the options.

NHN advocates for the LIBERTY of parents to educate their children without government oversight via homeschooling. Virtual (online) Charter Schools and now the new ESA Program allow children to be educated in the home but because both these programs are funded by the government, controls for the purpose of “accountability” to the tax-payer are a necessary part of both.  Homeschooling that is funded by the parent remains free of government controls and needs to remain so.


Why We Don’t Want ESA’s – Video

March 22, 2018


For a more in-depth discussion please read any or all of the following position papers:

Kleenex vs. Puffs; Homeschool vs. ESA Program by Frank Schnorbus – Homeschooling in Nevada has suffered a torturous history and this letter to homeschool parents explains why NHN endeavors to protect the legal term, “homeschooling”.

 Homeschooling vs. State ESA Programs by Barbara Dragon – This paper discusses problems that government funded “school choice” options can cause self-funded homeschooling if state laws are not written correctly.

NHN Position Statement on Alternative Education Funding Programs – January, 2015

Homeschooling_vs._PublicSchool_at_Home (PSAH) by NHN Officers – A paper written in 2007 to explain the difference between homeschooling and online charter schools.

Charts explaining different educational options available to Nevada parents and “who” controls the child’s education in each:

Nevada Parental Choice Options

Education Options in Nevada


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