Letter to Assembly Education Committee

Letter from ParentalRights.org/NV to the Assembly Education Committee. This bill is about public student data systems and does not affect homeschooling. However, we are taking a stand against the bill because it does not protect the privacy rights of public school students. Please share with your public school friends and family.

If you feel led, you can “Share Your Opinion” on this bill with Legislators and/or write Assembly Education Committee members: ‘Melissa.Woodbury@asm.state.nv.us’; ‘Lynn.Stewart@asm.state.nv.us’; ‘Derek.Armstrong@asm.state.nv.us’; ‘Vicki.Dooling@asm.state.nv.us’; ‘Chris.Edwards@asm.state.nv.us’; ‘David.Gardner@asm.state.nv.us’; ‘Pat.Hickey@asm.state.nv.us’; ‘Shelly.Shelton@asm.state.nv.us’; ‘Elliot.Anderson@asm.state.nv.us’; ‘Olivia.Diaz@asm.state.nv.us’; ‘Edgar.Flores@asm.state.nv.us’; ‘Amber.Joiner@asm.state.nv.us’; ‘Harvey.Munford@asm.state.nv.us’; ‘Heidi.Swank@asm.state.nv.us’

P.O Box 1090 Purcellville, VA * (540)751-1200 * info@parentalrights.org
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