SB228 Call to Action


SB 228 “Pupil Information Privacy Protection Act” (PIPPA) is scheduled for a hearing this Friday, March 20th at 3:30 p.m.…/78th2015/Reports/history.cfm…


NHN is working with the bill sponsor, Senator Don Gustavson, on an amended bill to strengthen the language by protecting student information/data, including private school and homeschool students.

While the original bill is a good start, the sponsor believes it falls short in assuring that adequate protection of pupil records/data and will introduce an amended bill addressing:
• The right to information privacy for all pupils in this state; public, private or home schooled pupils
• A statement of purpose to information/records/data collected on pupils
• Ownership of and permitted use of pupil information/records/data
• Fiduciary responsibility for and breaches of pupil information/records/data

Please support the bill by going to the “Share Your Opinion” page, .

Contact Senate Education Committee Members by fax, email or phone and tell them, “Nevada students deserve a strong records/data privacy protection bill”. All communication should of course be polite and courteous, these are our elected officials.

By Fax: Nevada Senate: 1-775-684-8533 or TOLL FREE 1-866-543-9941
You can fax individual letters to each committee member at this number or one letter to the Senate Education Committee with: Dear, Chari Harris, V-Chair Hammond, Members Gustavson, Lipparelli, Woodhouse, Denis, and Segerblom;

Senator Education Committee Members Phone & Email:
In the subject line write: SB 228 – Pupil Information Privacy Protection Act

Becky Harris – Chair Email: Office Phone: 775-684-1421
Scott Hammond – Vice Chair Email: Office Phone: 775-684-1442
Don Gustavson Email: Office Phone: 775-684-1480
Mark Lipparelli Email: Office Phone: 775-684-1475
Joyce Woodhouse Email: Office Phone: 775-684-1457
Moises (Mo) Denis Email: Office Phone: 775-684-1431
Tick Segerblom Email: Office Phone: 775-684-1422

Also please make plans to attend the hearing in either Carson City or Las Vegas. Locations are listed on the Agenda in the bill link.

NHN Officers
Frank Schnorbus, Chair; Elissa Wahl, V-Chair; Ray Poole, Secretary; Barbara Dragon, Treasurer;
Officers: Kelley Millard-Radow, Aaron Sutherland, Kristi Casaus, Matt Alder

Link to PDF copy of the following letter.


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