Getting Started with Homeschooling

This is an interactive guide to some of the first, and most important, questions people ask when getting started homeschooling. Click on a question and a short video answer will show behind the question to help you explore that topic. Sometimes joining a support group can feel daunting and scatterbrained as you try to piece together everyone’s answers and while there are many groups out there that ARE helpful (and please, find a homeschool group that you can be a part of), having the most important decision making answers to questions in one place is empowering.


Creating a homeschool where both the teaching style and learning styles match our (my husband and my) family values AND each child took me several years to understand; my hopes in sharing this tutorial with you is that you can shave off the time it takes to make those connections. You’ll still have to put in the work to figure out YOUR homeschool but I guide you to places that will inform and educate you, narrow down your choices, and keep your values at the forefront of those decisions! I want your homeschool to succeed and hope that these are helpful.


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