AB19 Update

Your voice has been heard at the Capitol. NHN leadership has met with the chair of the education committee and the homeschool community is being listened to. We are working diligently to keep YOU the parent in charge of your child’s education.
We’ve also received some media attention that has brought to light the overwhelming opposition to AB19 from the homeschooling community. If you’ve been keeping track of the legislative poll you’ll see that AB19 is far and away the most active and most strongly opposed bill with over 95% of votes being opposed.
The next step for AB19: NHN will be meeting with the sponsors of the bill to ensure that all parties are aware of the opposition arguments and that we would like homeschooling left alone. AB19 is scheduled for a hearing on Tuesday (2/16) at 1:30 and NHN will be there to testify.


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