Frequently Asked Questions

This document clearly answers, with law references, some of the most commonly asked questions regarding homeschooling. We are constantly updating this document to reflect law changes. Please check to be sure you are using the latest version (always found here).

November 2009: FAQs(PDF)

Questions included, and answered are:

Legal Standing
1. Applicable Nevada laws
2. Applicable Nevada Administrative Codes

Notification of Intent to Homeschool
3. Age of child and frequency of filing
4. Information to include in NOI
5. When, where and how to submit NOI

Local School District and Homeschooling
6. Local school districts and exemption from compulsory attendance
7. Action of Superintendents upon receipt of an NOI
8. District maintenance of written acknowledgment of receipt of NOI
9. Information available from the local school district
10. Other district responsibilities

Homeschooling the Child
11. Subjects to be taught
12. Time requirements for instruction
13. Public school curriculum information
14. Homeschooling consultants
15. Teaching license or special training
16. Using others to homeschool your children
17. Testing requirements
18. High school diplomas
19. Millennium Scholarship qualifications

Homeschooling and the Public School
20. Public School Special Education and related services
21. Inquiries from local district regarding special needs children
22. Gifted Students
23. Participation in public/charter school classes, extra-curricular activities, and/or sports
24. Participation in “virtual” charter school classes
25. Participation in distance education classes
26. Difference between homeschooling and “public school at home”

Enrolling in private or public/charter schools after homeschooling
27. Enrollment requirements
28. Determination of grade level for public /private school

Applying for active duty in the Military after being homeschooled
29. Acceptance, tiers, and requirements

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