SB 192 (support)

CALL TO ACTION: NHN supports SB 192 – “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” (RFRA) which has earned strong bi-partisan support (click the bill number to see who). We are asking homeschool families and friends to make your voice heard on this bill.

This bill is “AN ACT relating to religious freedom; prohibiting a governmental entity from substantially burdening the exercise of religion of a person under certain circumstances; authorizing a person whose exercise of religion has been so burdened to assert the violation as a claim or defense in a judicial proceeding; authorizing a court to award damages against a governmental entity that substantially burdens the exercise of religion in certain circumstances; and providing other matters properly relating thereto”.

An excellent RFRA Q & A booklet has been published by Sidley, Austin, Brown & Wood LLP.

Please visit the Nevada Families for Freedom website for more excellent information on the bill and who/how to contact. SB 192 is on the AGENDA of the Senate Judiciary Committee WEDNESDAY, March 13th @ 9:00.


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