NEW Chart shows “Who’s In Charge?”

We’ve updated our chart showing  Who’s In Charge? of the child’s education depending on how the parent chooses to meet Nevada’s compulsory attendance law, NRS 392.040 & 392.070.  This new chart includes the ESA “Opt-in Child” as well as, public school, charter school, and traditional private school enrollment.

The new “ESA Grant Program” for public school children was adopted in June, 2015.  The program is currently “on hold” while two lawsuits filed against SB 302 work their way through the NV court system.

Funding and control of the education provided are the core issues dealt with in the chart progressing from the most government control to the least.  We hope this provides a clear understanding of the differences between private homeschooling, private school enrollment, and government controlled “school choice” options.

In addition, we updated our pictorial chart Education Options in NV explaining the differences between self-funded homeschooling and government-funded home based education options (Online Charters Schools & ESA Opt-in Child).


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