Homeschooling VS Educational Neglect

In 2018, Nevada Homeschool Network received multiple calls from Clark County homeschool families who were being investigated for educational neglect. These calls were usually initiated by a school. If you are homeschooling after being in public school it is imperative to sign a withdrawl form and then within 10 days file a notice of intent to homeschool form.

On Friday, Nov. 9th 2018 representatives of NHN and HSLDA met with Nevada Child Protective Services regarding these recent cases involving homeschool families. It was a good meeting with a lot of information shared by both sides.

At that time CPS was working on policies for educational neglect. All parties agreed simply homeschooling is NOT equivalent to educational neglect.

To date, NHN has not received a copy of these CPS policies. This leaves it up in the air about what parameters are being used for educational neglect, and indeed what and who can make that judgement.

This article is not meant to scare homeschoolers, but instead to share with you that you have support should you need it! Always let us know if you’ve had interaction with CPS, be it good or bad, and especially if there was an abuse of power with a CPS caseworker.

NHN does recommend becoming a member of HSLDA.


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