Homeschoolers NOT affected by new driver license law

A concerned parent saw this report on the news, and asked if would affect a homeschooled student’s ability to apply for a driver’s license.

But not to worry, homeschoolers are exempt. See Section 11, Section D(2) of SB 269 from the 2013 Legislative session,…/77th…/Bills/SB/SB269_EN.pdf
The bill is intended to stop students who are enrolled in the public school and have a record of habitual truancy from getting or keeping a driver’s license.

We were aware of the bill last session and were assured that the intent was not to stop homeschooled students from getting their driver’s license. When a homeschooled student applies for a driver’s permit or license they will just need to bring a copy of the “Receipt” from the school district that was sent to you when you submitted your NOI.

If the school district failed to mail a receipt to the parent, the parent should always request one (that is why we recommend parents mail in the NOI certified mail with a return receipt cart, that will also serve as proof that the NOI was filed if the district fails to send a receipt which does tend to happen). If you misplace your receipt you can also call and ask for a copy since the districts are suppose to keep them “on file” for 15 years from the date they were filed.


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