About Us

NHN was formed in 2002 to address a numbering problem in the Nevada Administrative Code that inadvertently tied homeschoolers to Nevada State Standards for Public Schools. A statewide watchdog group had long been needed and this event was the catalyst for our formation. Officers of NHN are Nevada homeschooling parents (or former homeschooling parents) with a long-term vision. NHN members live throughout the state and are connected via the internet with other homeschoolers. While NHN members come from many different backgrounds, religions and learning philosophies, we all agree that working together to protect each parent’s right to direct the education of their child, is our primary focus.

NHN has many functions, as described in our mission and objectives statement. In 2007 we achieved a resounding legislative victory with the passage of SB404, the “Homeschool Freedom Bill”, securing greater freedom under the law for all Nevada homeschoolers. As a result, homeschoolers are no longer regulated by the Nevada State Board of Education but rather take full responsibility for the education of their children. Along with continued vigilance to maintain our freedom, NHN’s mission to educate and assist all those interested in homeschooling remains our top priority.

You, our members, are an integral part of the purpose of Nevada Homeschool Network. Homeschooling families need support and the empowerment of knowledge. NHN is committed to keeping you informed on issues important to homeschoolers in the State of Nevada.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, problems, or concerns.