Position Papers

NHN’s written opinion on various topics.

History of Education/Homeschooling:

A History of Education for Nevada Homeschools- Past to Present – 2010

Homeschooling; The Original Option – Examines the strength of homeschooling through the years and presents evidence of why Nevada needed a new law in 2007

Homeschooling in Nevada: The Budgetary Impact – NHN commissioned this study through NPRI to dispel the notion that local public schools lose money when a child is homeschooled. 2007


Homeschooling vs. Public “School Choice” options:

2017 Education Liberty vs. Government Funded School Choice Initiatives – Barbara Dragon, Blog Update 01/11/2017

Nevada Parental Choice Options.2016.June – updated chart showing “who’s in charge” of the child’s education dependent on the parent’s choice

Education Options in NV NHN 2016.June – updated “pictograph” showing the differences between “Government Funded School Choice” and “Self Funded Education Options”

Homeschooling vs State ESA Programs – Barbara Dragon warns other states about the “muddy waters” created by ESA bills and the impact on self-funded homeschooling

Kleenex vs. Puffs; Homeschool vs. ESA Program – 2015 letter from NHN Chairman Frank Schnorbus explains why it is important to distinguish homeschooling from the new ESA Program

Alternative Education Funding Programs – NHN 2015 Position Statement on government funded/controlled “School Choice”

Homeschooling vs. Public School at Home (PSAH) – Explains the differences between homeschooling and virtual charter schools. 2007

NHN’s Response to NPRI’s White Paper, “Bit by Bit; Virtual Schools Can Transform Nevada Public Education” – 2010
The White Paper itself: Bit by Bit

Education Options in Nevada – Pictograph; private funded education vs. government funded education 2014 (before adoption of 2015 NV-ESA Law)

Educational Choice Options-Nevada –  Chart showing “who’s in charge” of child’s education, 2008


Legislative Issue Papers:

Answers to Good Questions – Pamphlet to support passage of SB 404, “The Homeschool Freedom Bill” 2007

SB 25 NHN ltr to Senate Educaton – a bill authorizing the NV Superintendent of Public Instruction to provide educational programs for children birth through preschool.  NHN letter of opposition. Feb 2015

SB 126 NHN ltr to Senate Educaton – a bill affecting Private Preschools in NV.  NHN letter of opposition & amendment request. February 2015


Parental Rights & Homeschooling:

Whose Children: Rethinking Schools and Education Frank Schnorbus – 2014

NV Parental Rights Law NRS 126.036 – supporting document used during the 2013 NV Legislative Session to explain the need for a “Fundamental Parental Rights” bill.

Homeschooling; The Best Choice Frank Schnorbus – 2010

Position Paper on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child – 2009

Assault On Parental Rights – 2008