Notice of Intent

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NOTE: New numbering of laws affecting NV Homeschooling went into effect June of 2016. The old homeschool laws NRS 392.700 and NRS 392.705 are now NRS 388D.010-070.  However, the wording contained in the homeschool laws has remained EXACTLY the same, only the legal reference numbers have changed.  The NHN NOI and NOIPPA linked below are NEW and include the adjusted numerical legal references.  


Individual School Districts may not generate their own Intent Forms; they may only offer a standard statewide form written by the Nevada Department of Education.

This does not, however, prevent a homeschool parent from using another form of their own choosing, such as the one offered by NHN or HSLDA (available for their members). Nor does it prevent parents from merely typing up our own paperwork so long as you include all the information required by law.

Notification of Intent to Homeschool Form 

Click here for the NHN form which is written in accordance with the law: Notification of Intent.NHN 2016 

NOI to Homeschool statutes – NRS 388D.020 & 388D.050

The simple one page “NOI” form is in .pdf format. You need to have Adobe Reader or another PDF Reader in order to view/print it.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT mail the completed NOI to NHN, it must be mailed or delivered to the Superintendent in the school district where the child resides. NHN recommends mailing the NOI.  For the district mailing address go to our District Mailing address page. Read through our homeschooling Quick-Start Guide for easy step by step instructions.  Mail the NOI by Certified Mail, sample form and a “Return Receipt” postcard, sample here (the card at the post office is GREEN).

School Districts are not allowed to ask for information that is not required by law, such as why you are choosing to homeschool, etc.

REMEMBER, you DO need to attach an Educational Plan for the child, appropriate for the age and level of skill of the child as determined by the parent, in the subject areas of:

  • English: including reading, composition and writing
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies: including history, geography, economics, and government

The parent is not required to ensure that every subject is taught each year that the child is homeschooled. Your Education Plan may be a brief description of course work to be pursued the year you are first filing (“scope and sequence”) and/or a list of curriculum materials to be used to teach the subjects appropriate for the student, as determined by YOU, the parent.  An educational plan that meets these requirements must not be used in any manner as a basis for denial of a notice of intent to homeschool that is otherwise complete.

Some samples that you may use, or edit and use can be found below:


Notification of Intent to Participate in Programs and Activities Form

Notification of Intent to Participate in Programs and Activities.NHN 2016 (NOIPPA)

If your child wants to participate in sports, classes, extra-curricular activities or special education services at your local public school, you will also need to file a Notice of Intent to Participate in Programs and Activities Form for each school year the child wishes to participate in accordance with NRS 388D.070 and NRS 392.072-.074.

HELPFUL TIPS regarding submission of the NOI:

  1.  School Districts are not allowed to ask for information that is not required by law, such as why you are choosing to homeschool, etc.
  2. We encourage families to MAIL IN the NOI via the US Postal Service to the SCHOOL DISTRICT in which the child lives (do not mail the NOI to NHN). Please mail your NOI to the school district using a return receipt request (USPS Form 3811).
  3. Your burden is to show that you have fulfilled your requirement to notify the school district that you are homeschooling your child. The USPS Return Receipt card, attached to a copy of the NOI and Educational Plan you mailed in, satisfies this burden.
  4. You do not NEED the school district’s letter of exemption to homeschool but the school district is required by law to send you one. All you NEED to be legally homeschooling is to show is proof that you followed the law by filing the NOI/Education Plan with the school district.

By filing via mail it reduces the misinformation/miscommunication that can and does happen when school district staff are not designated solely for homeschooling. The staff is not always knowledgeable about the homeschooling laws, and are certainly NOT in the position to guide you in your endeavor to direct the education of your children via homeschooling. Please look to your local support groups , or NHN, for guidance on homeschooling issues.

For School District Mailing Addresses please see: Support Groups/Info by County