Nevada Homeschooling Quick Start Guide

The intent of this guide is to give you an abbreviated overview of the laws and regulations that you are legally responsible to navigate if you intend to homeschool your child in Nevada in accordance with NRS 388D.010-.070  (new NRS numbering effective June, 2016).

Please read through the NHN detailed guide to Nevada homeschooling laws. It is important to know and understand your rights. If you have questions after reading this page, please contact NHN and we will do our best to help.

Step 1: Understand what “Homeschooling” means in Nevada and understand the other Nevada Parental Choice Options that are available to you.  The differences between Government funded “school choice” and privately funded options are also explained in this pictograph, Education Options in NV.

Step 2: Determine what County/school district you reside in. School districts in Nevada are run by the various counties.

Step 3: Compose your educational plan of instruction in conformance with NRS 388D.050.

Step 4: Fill out the one-page NHN (or other) Notification of Intent form.

Step 5: Mail your NOI to the school district (see step 2) using a return receipt request. You have 10 days after withdrawing your child from public school or 30 days after moving to Nevada (or if names/addresses change in NV) to file your NOI.

Step 6: You should receive a written acknowledgement from your school district in a week or two. Keep the receipt on file.

Nothing else is required of you from the state. You do not need to refile your NOI unless you move or change your name.