NHN “Homeschool Memo” – updated February 2018

 NHN Homeschool MEMO to Parents, Public-Private School Administrators, State Officials – Updated 08.17.2018  

In 2007 after the Homeschool Freedom bill (SB 404) unanimously passed the Nevada Legislature and was signed into law by Governor Jim Gibbons, NHN worked with then Superintendent Dr. Keith Rheault to write a memo to public school districts informing them of the specifics of the newly adopted law since it removed homeschooling from oversight by the NV State Board of Education.

In 2016 the Legislative Counsel Bureau revised the numbering of NRS based on bills passed in 2015.  As a result, the NRS references to homeschooling changed.  This 2018 version of the original NHN Memo reflects the number changes.  However, it is important to note that none of the language in the laws changed.

The MEMO is provided as a courtesy to all parents, public school district administrators, private school administrators, state officials, and the general public to explain how “homeschooling” works in Nevada and legally exists to protect the rights of parents who choose to direct the education of their own children.

 NHN Homeschool MEMO to Parents, Public-Private School Administrators, State Officials 08.17.2018

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month!

Nevada Homeschool Networks believes that parents love their children and we advocate for the right of parents to take full responsibility for the education

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Frequently Asked Questions – Updated

NHN’s Frequently Asked Questions have LOTS of great answers to questions you may have regarding homeschooling in Nevada.  We work hard to keep this information current but should you ever have more questions or your particular question is not listed here be sure to email us via our Contact Page.

October 18, 2017 – Am I legally bound to file a Notification of Intent to Homeschool?  A question was posed on our NHN Facebook page, “What makes it legal to require that I notify? They’re my kids, notifying just allows the government to keep tabs on my kids!”  We disagree.  While we’d love NOT to be required to notify, Nevada has had a homeschool law on the books since 1947; it was very intrusive.  But NHN and other homeschool parents worked diligently (some for 25+ years) to reduce regulations initiated by the original law and then in 2007 wrote and got passed the NV Homeschool Freedom Bill in 2007.  We believe that under the circumstances, passage of this new law moved Nevada homeschooling from one of the WORST law/regulations in the country to one of the best laws; removing us from regulation of the NV Dept. of Education and restoring the fundamental right of parents to direct the education of their children FREE from government control. Read our complete answer here, Question 2.C.

August 20, 2017 – Question 6.A., May a homeschool child be enrolled in a public or private school after homeschooling for a time? has been updated!  The FLOW CHART for this question has also been updated.

2017: We’re always reviewing and tweaking our FAQs to give parents the most current info regarding homeschooling in Nevada.  For the upcoming 2017-18 school year we’ve answered questions about how to get started homeschooling; submitting the NOI; enrolling a child in a public school after homeschooling (we have a great “flow chart” on this topic); participating in public school classes, activities, and sports; and standardized testing for homeschoolers to name a few.  After answering these questions we go back and update the FAQs and our other pages to make sure homeschool families always have the most current information and internet links available.

2016:  Recently a question on Facebook was asked as to whether Nevada homeschoolers are eligible to receive the Millennium Scholarship… the answer is YES, they are.  However, when the mom contacted the Millennium Scholarship Office for more information she received conflicting information on what needs to be submitted with the application.  We have updated the information in our FAQs; see Section 4, the last question for current info as of June, 2016.

NOTE: New numbering of laws affecting NV Homeschooling went into effect June of 2016. The old homeschool laws NRS 392.700 and NRS 392.705 are now NRS 388D.010-070.  However, the wording contained in the homeschool laws has remained EXACTLY the same, only the legal reference numbers have changed.  

World Book Course of Study – not common core

It has come to the attention of NHN that World Book has changed their recommended course of study to be aligned with Common Core standards. It is the opinion of the NHN board that common core is an inferior standard to the classic course of study. Thus, we have decided to archive the classic World Book course of study here for your reference.

K-12 (one file)
1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade
9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade