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Sept. 16, 2013: Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association (NIAA) colluding with NV Private Schools to keep homeschooled from participating in private school sports programs. Read NHN letter of explanation and call to action here, 2013.Private School Ban on Homeschool

Religious Freedom Protection Bill, SB 192 Legislative Session 2013
Religious Freedom Q & A

FULL-DAY KINDERGARTEN: SB 182 was a bill heard during the 2013 Legislative session. The bill would have changed all public Kindergartens from half day to full day and lowered the compulsory attendance age from 7 to 5. During the session the State Board of Education was going to vote in support or mandatory all-day Kindergarten. The board voted to support the concept of full-day K but not making it mandatory. Both NHN and HSLDA submitted letters to the SBoE linked to here: NHN letter to SBOE 5.6.2013 and HSLDA.Early Childhood Education. Another excellent document fully researched with footnotes on the false hope placed on government funded early childhood education programs was written by Scott Woodruff, Esq. attorney with HSLDA: Early Childhood Education: What the Empirical Studies Show

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