Parental Rights Legislative Liaisons:
Frank Schnorbus, Barbara Dragon, Kelley Radow, Elissa Wahl, Ray Poole, and Laura Siegel

JUNE 18, 2013 - House Joint Resolution 50 (HJRes 50), Parental Rights Amendment, was introduced in the 113th Congress by Rep. Mark Meadows (R-SC). This Amendment to the U.S. Constitution will protect children and parents from governmental overreach.

The Nevada Legislative Liaisons for have submitted a letter to Congresswoman Dina Titus (NV Dist. 1), Congressman Mark Amodei (NV Dist. 2), Congressman Joe Heck (NV Dist. 3) and Congressman Steven Horsford (NV Dist. 4) requesting their support for the Parental Rights Amendment. Please follow the progress of the PRA at by signing up for their emails or Facebook page.

MARCH 18, 2013: SB 314 – Nevada Fundamental Parental Rights Bill
During the 77th Legislative Session, (2013) Nevada Homeschool Network was in support of SB314 which clarifies for the courts that the liberty of a parent to direct the upbringing, education, and care of their child is a fundamental right. The bill, as originally written, passed the NV Senate unanimously, was amended and passed in the Assembly, concurred with in the Senate and finally approved by the Governor on 6/5/2013. Please see Announcement: SB 314 is Law..

A Question & Answer pamphlet (revised 5/23/2013 to reflect amendment), The Right of Parents to Raise Their Child (and conversely the right of children to be raised by his/her family), explains what SB 314 intends by answering the 16 important questions such as, “In a nutshell, what does SB 314 do?’, “Isn’t it already a ‘fundamental’ right to raise your children?”, “If there is already a parental right to raise children, does it matter whether Courts call it ‘fundamental’ or ‘non-fundamental’?” and more!

In addition, you can read attorney, Scott Wooodruff’s Testimony on SB 314. Mr. Woodruff testified before both the Senate and Assembly Judiciary Committees (coming twice from Virginia to do so!). We are so thankful to both HSLDA and for partnering with us to get this vital piece of legislation passed in just one session!

More info on the journey of SB 314 is available on our ALERTS Page.
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