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If you run into a problem of any sort that pertains to homeschooling, please feel free to contact NHN Officers. It is our pleasure to help educate schools, the public, or anyone, on homeschooling topics. Below are some of the issues we’ve recently helped resolve and events we’ve recently attended.

Family names have been changed to protect identities, but contact information and school names are correct.

September, 2010
Barb Dragon and Kelley Radow, Officers of NHN, recently represented Nevada in Chicago at the HSLDA National Leaders Conference along with 34 other states, Canada , Germany and Mexico . NHN is grateful for all the help that HSLDA provides for Nevada homeschooling. With the NV Legislature in session February to June 2011 the assistance received from HSLDA, in the event homeschooling is addressed, is invaluable. If you would like to hear more about the national conference, please contact Barb at dragonlady1980@charter.net or Kelley at kelley@radow.net

September 26, 2010: Clark County
The Smith family contacted NHN regarding Sierra Vista high school’s denial for their 10th grade homeschooled son to take the PSAT test.

According to Nevada Revised Statute 392.700, section 11
, section 11

Each school district shall allow homeschooled children to participate in the high school proficiency examination administered pursuant to NRS 389.015 and all college entrance examinations offered in this State, including, without limitation, the Scholastic Aptitude Test, the American College Test, the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test and the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. Each school district shall ensure that the homeschooled children who reside in the school district have adequate notice of the availability of information concerning such examinations on the Internet website of the school district maintained pursuant to NRS 389.004.

While the PSAT is usually taken in the 11th grade, 10th graders are allowed to take it for practice.

NHN also kept in mind Nevada Revised Statute 392.700 section 10

A school or organization shall not discriminate in any manner against a child who is or was homeschooled.

NHN Officer Elissa Wahl contacted CCSD Testing Department and CCSD Guidance Department. Testing Director Gwen LaFond (799-8441) promptly reviewed the law references supplied and contacted Sierra Vista high school to rectify the situation. The family was immediately notified that their son was able to participate in the PSAT testing.

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