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While there may not be daily immense threats to our homeschooling rights, we keep very active dealing with various “background” issues. Weekly, sometimes even daily, we are forced to clarify laws or policies to various district personnel. As the Statewide group acknowledged by the State Board of Education, our views are always being asked for and relied on. Immense preparation goes into meeting with and maintaining “bridges” built between State Board of Education members, school district employees, politicians and many others.

June 23, 2003, New NIAA regulations, Homeschoolers and Sports

At the NIAA Board meeting today in Reno, the NIAA Board voted to adopt the attached regulations regarding homeschooler participation. These regulations reflect the new law that the governor signed two weeks ago.(See link below)

New NIAA Regulations

Homeschoolers & Sports Bill

Many of you may recall Assembly Bill AB311, asking for homeschool participation in Public School Sports. Word for word it is now SB503. The Governor signed it and it is now in effect! You may read both the Bill and it’s History.

History of Sports Bill


Newest NAC Proposed Changes 5/9/2003

Many of you are aware that this year has seen many wonderful changes for homeschooling freedom in NV. There has been and continues to be a LOT of background work between various groups, leaders, Dept of Education, State Board of Education and various local school districts to keep this trend alive.

Our goals of maintaining freedom and encouraging every homeschooling family to file exemption papers without any moral or ethical boundary, are being realized. The things “won” in December were more than a starting point, but as we knew then, not the end point either.

You can read the Cover Letter explaining some of the things we’ve been through and the reasoning behind some more proposed changes to the NACs.

Here is a rough draft of the changes. Newest NAC Proposed Changes
We encourage you to read these and make suggestions.

Briefly, here are what the high points of the suggested changes are:

1) The requirement to retain a consultant for the first year of homeschooling would be replaced with an information packet, developed by the advisory councils.

2) The licensed teacher, as a type of homeschooling, would be eliminated. You would still be able to use a licensed teacher, a consultant, or any other help via the “…who may use other person(s) to assist…” clause in 392.015.

3) Both types of correspondence courses, accredited and approved, are defined. Language regarding the acceptance of “approved” classes at public schools is included.

4) The first time homeschooler, or a veteran homeschooler who has moved into a new Nevada school district, will need to fill out an “Initial” Notification of Intent to Homeschool. Subsequent years in the same district would require a “Subsequent” Notification of Intent to Homeschool.

So, please read through it and jot down your thoughts! We encourage emails of support pointing to specific issues (at this point not supporting the whole document as it is subject to some changes), and emails with concerns, questions, additional suggestions, editing mistakes, etc. Please send to


AB311 The Homeschool Sports Bill was heard and passed by the Education Committee April 9th, 2003! This is a HUGE STEP!!! The bill was significantly changed when we had to make several amendments to remove provisions and language that would have kept it from passing this committee. It certainly isn’t all that we had hoped for, but it is better than what we currently have across the state.

Click here for the amendments made to the bill. Amendments The exact wording will be provided by the Legislative Counsel Bureau within the next couple of days.

The next step is a vote by the full Assembly, probably in the next 2 or 3 days. Because we’ve had bipartisan support on this bill throughout, we are hopeful that it will make it through. It would be very appropriate for us, before the full Assembly vote, to send a note of thanks to each of those who voted for the bill, plus a note of thanks to Chairman Wendell Williams for hearing and taking a vote on the bill.

Voting FOR: William Horne, Kelvin Atkinson, Ellen Koivisto, Mark Manendo, Bob McCleary,
Walter Andonov, Sharron Angle, Jason Geddes, Joe Hardy and Garn Mabey.

Voting AGAINST: Vonne Chowning

Abstaining: Wendell Williams

We believe we have full support from all of the Republicans in the Assembly. Democrats who voted for it here in the Education Committee are Manendo, McCleary, Horne, Atkinson and Kovisto. We certainly hope that they vote for it again during the full Assembly. Bob McCleary is VERY pro-homeschooling. Democrats in the Assembly who signed onto the bill, but aren’t on the Education Committee are Claborn, Conklin, Mortenson, Parks and McClain.
Emails or calls to them, thanking them for co-sponsoring the bill, and asking for their continued support, would be very helpful.
We need their votes to get it passed in the Assembly. These are all in Clark County, so it would be good to note to them that Clark County School District supports this bill as amended, as does Washoe County and the NIAA.

Contact info is on the web at:

Thank you, all of you, for the parts you’ve played in getting this to this point.

AB264, The Testing Bill

This was a HUGE bill, with Section 49 calling for testing of homeschoolers. This bill was heard April 9th. Many homeschoolers gave awesome testimony. It really does make quite an impression when they see all of these “average people” come testify. They are so accustomed to having lobbyists and specialists talking to them. It’s a positive image for homeschoolers. Thanks to everyone! Even a Clark County School District representative testified AGAINST this section saying the data really is invaluable to them and it would have too great a fiscal impact.

After a long night, AB264 was voted on, and they amended out the offensive Section 49, along with many other sections. Some were kept, and the bill passed in a very dieted fashion. The passed sections were 12, 13, 17, 18, 41,68, & 70. And even they had some amendments within them.

Again, many thanks for your interest and support!

A Statewide Intent Form has been created and is being accepted by school districts. While the Intent Form and the NAC changes have been enacted, they are both awaiting a final “permanency” vote. You can find your copy here.
Intent Form

December 14th, 2002

The State Board of Education held a Public Hearing for changes to the NAC regarding homeschooling.
The changes were unanimously passed. See NAC 392; as amended.
They are effective immediately.

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